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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 3 Episode 4

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox These two annoying losers are ready to fight!
Quiz: These 2 high pitched sidekicks are ready to battle. Easter: Sidekicks? Who are we doing?!? Man, I love sidekicks. Bowser Jr.? Pikachu? Diddy Kong? What are they?!? Quiz: Um.... "Whisper, whisper...." Easter: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quiz: Annoying as they may be, they are very trustworthy. Easter: Ugh..... Toad, the Red Spotted Midget Guard. Quiz: And Slippy Toad, Star Fox's Engineer Amphibian. Easter: He's Pop Quiz and I'm Easter Surprise! Quiz: And we're here to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to see who would win a Stat Showdown.
Quiz: Toads are seemingly human, yet their species is clarified as Toads. Though there are many different colours and variations, this Toad seems to be the most recurring. Easter: Toad is the main midget of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is pretty cowardly at most times. Quiz: Toad is able to run faster then both Mario Bros, almost as fast as Yoshi, having a quick boost. Easter: Toad is pretty brave though, always going out of the way to protect the Princess. Like most Mario characters, Toad can use all the Mario Power Ups, but does not have many unique talents otherwise. Aside from being able to lift and throw castles. Not the talented.
Quiz: Toad is able to use all Mario Power ups, but has only been shown to use a few.
Fire Toad
Easter: Toad is a yellow and red fire bender, and can throw and charge fireballs. He also changes his Star Spin into the flame boiled Firestar Spin.
Ice Toad
Quiz: Coloured deep red and ice blue, Ice Toad is able to freeze his opponents solid for 30 seconds. This turns the Star Spin into the Coldstar Spin.
Racoon Toad
Easter: Now looking like he was going to a furry convention, Toad can fly, and can use this to do the Tail Spin. The Super form of this is White Racoon, which instant kills, is invincible, and unlimited flying.
Frog Toad
Quiz: Frog Toad can breathe underwater, an is able to jump much higher then regular Toad.
Rabbit Toad
Easter: Toad can now jump higher then ever, run super fast, and throws hard baby carrots. Mmm..... I crave carrots now.
Vanish Toad
Quiz: Toad is now invisible, cannot be hurt, and can pass through objects, wich is not possible. I really have to get back to building that Vanish Machine.
Super Toad
Easter: Super Toad is stronger, faster and can fly. Super Toad can reflect projectiles. Super Toad gains a yellow cape, and in our favourite fan art, his colours are reversed.
Fire Meteor
Quiz: By kicking at super sonic speeds, Toad launches a meteor like Soccer Ball, which burns everything in it's way. Considering a small meteor travels at 30,000 mph's, Toad's kick must be extremely powerful.
Cat Toad
Easter: Now wearing a cat outfit, coloured red, Toad is very quick, can climb walls, and can pounce on enemies.
Double Cherry
Quiz: This can go up to 5 clones of Toads, which can help in confusion techniques. Toad must use this carefully though, as one hit and they are gone.
Easter: Like Mario and Luigi, Toad has an iron hammer. This let's him break bricks, squash foes and destroy other hard objects. Next is the Lakitu Cloud, letting him stay in the air for a short amount of time. He may be able to throw out Spiny while doing this. One more is the Koopa Shell, which he will hide in, then spin around like a real koopa. Then, the Boomerang, which can grab objects and pull them back. He also gains a hard shell and a helmet, which protects him from attacks.

Slippy Toad
Quiz: Slippy Toad was a young amphibian when he befriended Fox McCloud at the Cornerian Defense Army Academy. He, Fox and Falco along with elder Star Fox member. He, Fox and Falco formed a new Star Fox team, with Slippy, having a knack with mechanics, and was a great pilot. Easter: No, no he wasn't. Slippy must be so annoying, even the people who can't hear him ant to kill hm. every single time, he starts yelling "FOX! FOX!!". God Damn it. Quiz: Slippy has invented the arwing, landmaster and more, which we will now go onto.
Quiz: Slippy has invented many gadgets, ships and tools that the rest of the team use. Slippy, like the rest of the team, has access to Fire Fox, or in this case, Fire Frog. Unlike Fox and Falco, however, Slippy has never been shown using the speedy Fox Illusion. Easter: Slippy has many weapons, including his sticky/smart bombs, hand grenades, bazooka, and like every space animal, a blaster. Slippy also invented the Arwing and the Landmaster, also having his own. Quiz: That does show that Slippy is most likely the smartest one of the 2nd Star Fox, succeeding Peppy.
Fire Frog
Quiz: Charging up surrounded in fire, Slippy launches himself upward, or any other direction.
Easter: Slippy seems to have about the same intelligence of Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory, 173.
Easter: Slippy often uses standard army type weapons, including the Han Solo like blaster. Also using the Smart and Sticky Bombs, Slippy can be sneaky and blow up foes. Next, Slippy and Falco both have Bazookas, Falco's being red while Slippy's yellow. To defend himself, Slippy can reflect energy based projectiles with his reflector. Now, it's my favourite part. Slippy invnted the Arwing, which is able to blast foes to pieces and can fly at extremely fast speeds. Next is much more powerful, the Landmaster, which creates shockwaves when it lands, shoots out mega sized blasts, and can fly up very high.

Quiz: Alright the combatants are set, let's finish this once and for all. Easter: It's time for a Stat Showdown!!!! -SHING!-
Toad was traveling on his Starshroom, in his Captain Toad suit, and his crew, Blue, Yellow and Green, along with new recruit Purple, were investigating a recently heard of space ship crash. Capt. Toad assumed it was a Green Star. Soon he saw 5 animals wearing bounty hunter outfits walk out, and spotted the Toad Brigade. The Star Fox team got out their blasters, as the Toad Brigade absorbed their Fire Flowers, each gaining a more colour reversed with white appearance. After firing at each other, Toad and Slippy ran at each other, as they clashed, the rest of their team backed up to watch the fight.
Toad was shooting fireballs at Slippy repeatedly, while Slippy fired charged blasts. Toad and Slippy Toad glared at each other, before Toad dashed very fast at Slippy, then picked him up an tossed him far back. Toad ran again, then spun while jumping in the air, as fireballs were shot out at Slippy, who used the reflector to bounce them back. Toad aw the reflector and got an idea. Toad pulled out a large cannon, then aimed at the reflector. 3 large turnips we're fired at it, breaking the shield, causing the frog to worry. Toad, happy, ducked inside a Koopa shell then dashed at Slippy, who tripped and fell down. Toad pulled out a Ice Flower, then froze Slippy, picked him up, and threw him away. Toad smirked as he walked away, but then heard a large boom being sot behind him. Toad slowly turned around, shaking to se a rock burned to ashes, and saw a large green coloured Arwing. Toad screamed, then pulled out a Super Leaf, and absorbed it. Toad flew up and charged at the machine, then continuously punched it. The Arwing was being dented and scratched, before Slippy launched a blast at Toad, who reflected it with his cape. Slippy was angry! His prized invention was being destroyed. Slippy pulled out his blaster, jumped on top of the ship, an started firing. Toad spun around like a torpedo, creating a gust of wind that was shot at Slippy, who was blown away. Slippy, being tossed, called out. "LANDMASTER!" A large yellow tank like ship. Slippy jumped into it, and Toad looked at it. Toad got an idea, and started running circles around the Landmaster, being shot. While, trying to be shot. Eventually, the Landmaster started flickering, then dissipated, the battery being gone. Slippy took out his bazooka, and looked around. He saw a red dash running around, and fired at it. Miss. Fire. Miss. Fire. Miss. FIRE! Hit! He heard a shrinking sound, then ran over to find Toad on top of a tree. Slippy prepared to fire, but then saw something. A Potted Piranha Plant. The carnivore plant bit on Slippy's leg, who fired at it, and the Piranha Plant died. Slippy looked up to see Toad aiming at Slippy with something. A soccer ball? This was a fight to the death to see if Star Fox would leave the Mushroom Kingdom or if the Toad Brigade would be killed, not a game. Soon, Toad launched the ball with his foot, which caught on fire, and now looked like a meteor. The small meteor was launched at Slippy, who was knocked back about 2 miles before the ball ripped through Slippy's chest. Toad knew Slippy was dead, but then saw Slippy standing up. He had used a spare reflector to subtract the damage. Slippy used Fire Frog to dash past Toad, and Toad felt something weird on his back. It was a smart bomb. Toad was blown back by the impact, but then looked up at Slippy, while Toad flipped back, then took out a large mushroom, coloured yellow and red. Slippy knew it was bad, so he took out his blaster. Toad absorbed the mushroom, then grew extremely large, very large. Bigger then Andross. Slippy tried to run away, but Toad was too fast. Slippy, being a frog, jumped on top of Toad's leg, and climbed up to his head. He started firing at Toad's head, as the giant guard screamed in pain. Soon, Toad shrunk back down to normal, and the two fell down, with Slippy blasting and Toad using his hammer to reflect. Eventually, Toad pulled out a Vanish Cap, shaped as a Toad's hat, but it looked slightly invisible. Toad put it on, and he turned invisible. Toad took out his hammer when he got behind Slippy, they were still falling, and gulped. This had been a good fight, but he had to end this. The Toad Brigade depended on it. Toad swung his hammer, the iron force knocking Slippy's skull from the grasp of his neck. Then, his frog head was launched clean off, blood falling out of it, as Slippy's scream echoed. KO!!!!!
Quiz: That was one of the closest matches ever, but in the end, Toad's power ups were more then a match for Slippy's gadgets and IQ. Easter: Toad was faster, stronger an had more experience. Slippy is powerful, but Toad's multiple abilities let him win with some difficulty. Quiz: Still, Slippy's control and maneuver kept Toad at bay, but that only went so far. Easter: Looks like Slippy croaked. Quiz: The winner is Toad.
Toad walked back from the battle to see 2 fox's dead corpses on the ground, a skinned rabbit in a pot, and the Toad Brigade feasting on what seemed to be a falcon. Toad was dragging Slippy's dead body back with him, hoping he would get an award. In the meantime, Toad was hungry, and he went to go tell his team about his great victory.
Had a wider arsenal+
More experience+
Very Stupid-
Not many defensive options-
Normally has a team to back him up=

Slippy Toad
Better Weapons+
Reflector can protect him from Toad's fire and ice forms.+
Less experience-
Unbelievably Slow-
Normally has teammates with him=

Next Time....
Back in October, episode 2 of Stat Stadium was released. I was much less experienced back then. Now, I will have a completely revamped version of it. Even the hosts are different. The only thing that will be the same is the combatants. And maybe a newcomer..... All I can say is, after Episode 5, one more battle will happen before the hiatus begins. It will be........Kong Battle Royale. To be more specific, Chunky Kong vs. Dixie Kong vs. Cranky Kong vs. Lanky Kong vs. Funky Kong. Now, you may ask- "BUT WHAT ABOUT DK AND DIDDY!?!?!?". Now I will answer. Only the lesser known kongs. Now I know some of you will be like, Dixie and Cranky aren't unknown, I know some of you will be looking them up on google or something. Who knows, maybe Ep. 5 will be the final one before the hiatus. Well, see ya!
  1. Fraseandchico
    Actually Slippy has More Experience, and You were Using COMPOSITE Toad, And the Arwing is Country Level.
    Sep 17, 2017
  2. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Next time..... Avery vs. Meta Knight Redone....... Over 100 likes Special.
    Jan 31, 2015
  3. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Secondly, Soon, Stat Stadium will go on a hiatus for about 2 months. Then, since my female friend Azure doesn't seem to be writing any chapters for it, I will be taking back EA! I do not care if it get's taken down or if AzureEdge get's a bit angry, I will remain strong. I remember something important I had a problem with. To many characters. Don't worry, Max, Avery, Logan and the rest will be supporting characters. They will have some chapters for them, but they will mainly be sidekicks. The main five will be-
    Kevin, the Shocking Star.
    Dylan, the Genius Gizmo.
    Theo, the Iron Idiot.
    Azure, the Flaming Female.
    Hoogen, the Stone-hard Sidekick.
    And guess what! A new Element has been added, Mineral! (Diamond, Iron, Gemstones, Metal, etc.
    The new chapter will come after Slippy's analysis.
    Jan 30, 2015
  4. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Just to tell ya, Easter's full name is Easter Surprise, while Quiz's is Pop Quiz.
    Jan 30, 2015