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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 3 Episode 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Also known as Stat Battle Royale, Season 3 will be a great experience for me, so enjoy the first fight!
Bolt: In the world of Mario-Kzztt!!!!
Easter: Bye Bye! Quiz: Easter, are you sure about this? Easter: Of course! Hello everybody, I'm Easter, Screwball's replacement. Those 2 are on.....um, vacation for the season, so me and Quiz will be taking over! Quiz: Hi, I'm Quiz. I'm Bolt's replacement. Easter: So, first fight is...... Koopalings Battle Royale! Cool. Hmmm. Since this is gonna be an extra long fight, there being 7 Koopalings, we will skip the analysis! Quiz: But...but that's the best part! Easter: Screw it! It's time for a Stat Showdown!-
Roy, Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton and Iggy face each other, glaring. While, they assumed Roy was glaring. They aimed their wands at each others necks.
Battle of the Brats, FIGHT!
Wendy fired 3 energy rings around the field, which hit multiple things, one of them being Lemmy's bouncy ball. Lemmy slipped off the ball and spun at Wendy in his shell, sending her into Morton, who was bumped and flew at Ludwig. Morton and Ludwig had a wand battle, firing and dodging, until Morton got in his shell and fired at Ludwig. Meanwhile, Iggy sent his Chain Chomp after Roy and Larry, as Larry ran away and Roy straight up punched it away, then grabbed Iggy's head and ripped his hair out. Iggy screamed in pain, as Roy laughed.
Quiz: So that's why he's called "Bully Koopa".
Easter: Makes sense. Iggy is probably "Nerdy Koopa."
Larry grabbed on Roy's head, then took his sunglasses off, and threw them away. Roy chased after the glasses. Larry looked at Iggy, who summoned another Chain Chom, which bit Larry, and slowly killed the young koopa. KO! Iggy smirked at his work, then summoned a Wiggler and chased after Roy. Wendy and Lemmy clashed in their shells, with Lemmy loosing, being smaller. Wendy popped out and fired a beam, which the koopaling avoided with his shell, then threw multiple bombs around Wendy, which blew up, as Wendy was blown back, then crushed by a ball. KO! Ludwig and Morton were now in their Clown Karts, continuously punching and blasting each other with Bullet Bills, until Morton got out and pulled out his hammer, hen smacked Ludwig, which sent the wizard koopa flying back. Morton summoned a sand ball, then sent it at Ludwig, who was hit, and got sand in his eyes, distracting him from Morton. Morton readied his hammer, then smashed it into Ludwig's head, shattering his skull and his brains going everywhere. KO!
Easter: This is getting violent.
Roy was knocked back by the Wiggler, and was crushed by it stomping him to death. KO! Iggy grinned, then looked back at Lemmy and Morton. The 3 glared at each other. Lemmy fired many bombs at the two, Iggy fired many blasts, and Morton fired many spike balls, all colliding, and an explosion ending them back. Lemmy created another ball, and bounced out of it, with Iggy and Morton taking full force. Iggy growled, and summoned a Chain Chomp, while Morton fired at it in his shell. The two beasts clashed, until Lemmy came flying down at the two, as the Chain Chomp popped the ball, and Lemmy and Morton looked at the ball beast. Lemmy and Morton nodded at each other, and they both ushed the Chain Chomp back. The beast was fired back at Iggy, who was eaten by the Chain Chomp. KO! As Iggy screamed in pain, Morton and Lemmy glared at each other. Lemmy laughed as he fired many bombs, and Morton dodged and fired at Lemmy in his shell, with Lemmy being hit hard, and Morton pulled out his hammer. Lemmy panicked, and blasted a bomb at Morton's face. Morton was blinded, until he cleared out his eyes and was surprised to see a barrage of bombs surrounding him. Morton panicked, but then grinned at Lemmy, who was surprised. Morton shot all bombs back at Lemmy with his hammer, as Lemmy was sent back by each bomb exploding at him, and was blasted into a wall. Morton grinned, as Lemmy slowly got up, and was about to get in his shell, when he suddenly felt he couldn't move. Morton had jumped and landed. Morton ran up to Lemmy and- CRACK! The Hammer- broke in two. Lemmy had protected himself in his shell, and Morton's hammer was broken. Morton was shocked, as Lemmy jumped in the air and sent a barrage of bombs at Morton, who was hit, and hit, and hit, ad hit, and hit. Morton was now sent deep in the ground, and was stuck in there, until Lemmy created a big bomb, then sent it down into the pit, and blew Morton up, as the large koopaling screamed. "AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Morton shouted. As he died, Lemmy laughed in victory, as he had won. KO!

Easter: Wait, Lemmy won?!? Quiz: Surprisingly, unlike many people think, Lemmy is the trickiest and most difficult of the Koopalings. His arsenal of bombs and balls were more then a match for Iggy's animals, Ludwig's magic, Wendy's rings Larry's... well, Larry isn't very strong or powerful, so he would never win. He's the weakest. Easter: Roy was very stupid, Ludwig needs time to come up with a good plan with is magic, which is not allowed. Wendy is predictable and weak without a proper environment. Morton was he most difficult for Lemmy, as he has a strong hammer and a wide arsenal, but those can be countered by the shell defense technique. Iggy's animals can be countered by magic. Quiz: Lemmy's balls can be used to avoid attacks and defend himself, and his bombs are very unpredictable, so he would be able to beat all the other Koopalings. Easter: Looks like Lemmy has the balls to do something right after all.
Quiz: The winner is Lemmy Koopa.
Next time.....
Bandana Dee...... vs.
....... Protoman.....
If you wanted Kirby vs. Megaman..... then you're out of luck.