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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 2 Finale

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox The season 2 finale with Diamond, the Hungry Dex Holder, vs. Takato, the goggled tamer.
Bolt: Over years of Animes, their have been two that are hardcore rivals. Screwball: And it's not Dragon Ball and Naruto. Bolt: Digimon and Pokémon. We here to settle it. With Diamond, from Pokémon Special Adventures vs. Takato, the goggle headed Digimon Tamer. Screwball: He's Bolt and I'm Screwball!!! Bolt: And we're here to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Stat Showdown.
Bolt: In every region, there is a group of kids given the Pokedex at a young age. In Sinnoh, there are 3. Diamond Nintai is the 12 year old son of Joana, the contest star. He is the caretaker of Red's Snorlax's baby, Lax, a Munchlax. Dia, in nursery school, was introduced to comedy, and he and his best friend Pearl became comedians. Screwball: At age 10, Diamond and Pearl were mistaken for Rich Lady Platinum Berlitz's bodyguards and were given a Pokedex and one of the 3 Sinnoh Starters. Diamond was given Turtwig, and nicknamed the slow Turtle "Tru". Bolt: Diamond is always eating and goofing around, and tends to make puns in unneeded situations. Screwball: Diamond may seem like a complete idiot, but is actually the oldest and a very wise boy. Diamond excelled in Pokémon training after focusing on protecting Lady, and he soon went training on Iron Island. Bolt: Dia also has a connection with Mesprit, giving him powerful emotions, and has is the most lighthearted.
Torterra is Diamond's main pokemon, and second strongest, only to be outclassed by legendary Regigigas. Tru can use Razor Leaf, Earthquake and Crunch to defeat foes, but also has Tackle to ram into foes, with Wood Hammer being his strongest attack. Tru can also use Withdraw to defend himself.

Bolt: Takato Matsuki is a young Digimon Tamer, and owner and creator of the Hazard symbol Lizard known as Guilmon. Screwball: At age 11, Takato became a Digimon Tamer, and began fighting evil digimon that appeared in the human world. Soon, Takato went to the Digimon World and there, learned about Biomerging, where he can fuse with Guilmon to become Gallantmon, a very strong mother fudger.
Guilmon is the rookie form of this Digimon, and is very powerful, able to defeat many Champion and Ultimate Digimon. His attacks are Rock Breaker and Pyro Sphere.
Growlmon is the champion level of Guilmon, and it is very large. He was defeated by an Ulitmate level, and is a big target. His attacks are Dragon Slash and Pyro Blaster.
WarGrowlmon is the ultimate level of Guilmon, and second strongest form. WarGrowlmon is very powerful, and his moves include Atomic Blaster and Radiation Blade.
Gallantmon is Guilmon's Mega level and biomerge form which happens when Guilmon and Takato fuse. Gallantmon is Guilmon's strongest form. His attacks are Lightning Joust and Shield of Just.
Bolt: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all! Screwball: But first, here's an advertisement!!!
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Diamond and Takato look at each other, angrily. Guilmon ate Dia's food, Muchlax tried to eat Takato's digivice. FIGHT! Diamond sent out Tru, while Guilmon growled. Tru slammed into Guilmon with tackle, which sent Guilmon flying. Tru sent a Razor Leaf at the Digimon, which the monster countered with Pyro Sphere. Tru used Earthquake as Guilmon fell down and has caught in the earthquake. Tru took the advantage, and slammed it's tree into Guilmon, and the digimon was knocked away. Takato lifted up his Digivice and swiped a blue card pasted it, which caused Guilmon to glow, and become Growlmon. Diamond ordered Tru to use the special move, and a barrage of leaves at Growlmon, who swatted them away. Growlmon sent a Pyro Blaster at Torterra, who was knocked back. Dia told Tru to use Withdraw, as the digimon's attacks didn't affect it now. Growlmon attacked and attacked, but nothing worked. Takato swiped another Blue Card, and WarGrowlmon slashed the giant turtle, sending it flying. Torterra got out, and sent an Earthquake. Meanwhile, Diamond punched Takato in the face, and the 2 boys continued fighting. War Growlmon was knocked down by Earthquake, and was crushed by the turtle slamming down on the lizard. Takato quicly was knocked back b Diamond, and he and Guilmon, now back to rookie, nodded at each other. Diamond was confused, but was syre it was bad, and he ordered Tru to use Razor Leaf Mach One and only. The single leaf was aimed at Takato's head, which went through the human's head, the fusion taking to long. Takato fell down, and his mind went blank, dead. Guilmon, angry, and unable to digivolve, recklessly charged at Torterra, who lammed his tree at Guilmon, and the lizard fell own. Tru looked down at the digimon, and nodded at Dia, who nodded back. Tru slammed his foot on Guilmon's head, and the data went flying everywhere, the digimon dead. KO!!!

Bolt: That was my favourite episode. Screwball: AWESOEME! Bolt: Takato and Guilmon never stood a chance against the bulky and superior Dia and Tru. Takato may be quicker, but Tru's defenses were more than a match for the quick lizard. Screwball: The tamer's only hope was Biomerging, but the fusion being slow, he Mach 1 and only Razor Leaf could kill one of the partners. Looks like he just digididn't win. Bolt: The winner is Diamond and Tru.
Thank you for the past 2 seasons, which has gained me 109 likes!!!! Season 3 will be a special season, with me and two others doing a research team (If they want to),. It will premiere this weekend, either Sunday or Saturday. Bye, and thank you!
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