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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 1 Finale Knuckles vs Wario.....

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox 2 rules, no Garlic for Wario, no Emeralds for Knuckles.
Wario was walking through this strange floaty island He did not like the place one bit. He was only here for Treasure, after all. He soon found it. The Master Emerald. Wario quietly grabbed it and tried to sneak away, but was caught by a red echidna. ''Who the heck are you, coming on my island and stealing the thing that makes it float!" Knuckles yelled. "It's a me- Wario!!!" Wario shouted, holding the Emerald up high. Knuckles smashed his fis in his face as Wario backed up. The 2 glared at each other. Only one would make it out of the fight. FIGHT! Knuckles ran at the Yellow Capped Trollman, who dodged and shocked Knuckles with the Shock Power Up, then bit into his arms and made sure they wouldn't do much. Knuckles arms bled as he started grunting in pain, but then dug underground, ping to trick his opponent. Wario became Smart Wario an launched his Metal extendable arm into the hole, grabbed Knuckles, and started squeezing him hard. Wario summoned his Wario Bike and ran over the Echidna, who, now furious, grabbed the back of the bike and tossed it away, then started punching Wario repeatedly, then grabbed his face and smashed it into the ground. Wario bit the red animal's hands, then punched him in the face. Wario found Knuckles had dug another hole, but when he reached his metal arm in, nothing. Knuckles was now gliding straight at Wario, and picked him up and flew high above the ground. Wario became Arty Wario to heal himself, then started flying after turning into Space Wario. Knuckles started to lose momentum, and was blasted into the ground by a laser beam. Wario ground pounded the Echidna then did a Bowser Spin(Grabbing his tail and spinning him around), then threw him into a rock. Wario began searching for his bike, then found it and drove over at the echidna again, but then jumped off his car and it crashed into Knuckles. Wario farted out of the explosion, which hurt Knuckles even more, then Wario charged up a punch, waiting for Knuckles to come out of the explosion, weak. Instead, Knuckles was sne t flying out of the explosion and was met by the hard solid ground. Wario checked his pulse, very weak. Wario lifted him up, threw him far away into the air, then launched his extendable metal fist right threw Knuckles' head. KO! Bolt: And there goes the guardian of Angel Island. Wario actually completely outmatched Knuckles in everything except speed, and even then the ario Bike could keep up. Knuckles is also very stupid and predictable, which led to Knuckles' defeat. Screwball: Looks like the red echidna is red all over. Bolt: The winner is Wario.

Screwball: Oh, and why there was no Super Form is because it would just stall the fight out until both of them were back to normal. Stay tuned for Season 2, coming soon with the green capped plumber vs. the blonde PK user.