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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Episode something

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Let's see whats up now..... What's this....? Oh...crap.
Screwball: YES! It's us, we are back! After being depressed because of the Death Battle delay, we saw Kirby and Deadpool kick butt! Ooops, spoilers. Bolt: Anyway, what's this week's match, Screwball? Screwball: Let's see..... AHHHHHH! GOD NO! IT'S A REMATCH! SONIC VS. MARIO! FROM DEATH BATTTLE! WHY???!!! Bolt: This technically isn't a rematch since we didn't do it. But, let's get this started. Mario- Bolt: Um, if you want to check out Mario's info, go to the Death Battle. But, we will tell you some new stuff. Mario can become Rock Mario, which ways a lot, and can break anything. He can also become Cloud Mario, who can create clouds and fly. He can also become Gold Mario, which can turn anything into coins. Bolt: Don't forget about White Tanooki, which can fly infinitely and has the powers of Tanooki Mario, but is stronger and faster. Screwball: Mario also has the Firebrand, something that let's Mario create fire stuff at will. So basically Mario is a fire bender. Bolt: Mario is incredibly strong and durable, able to survive the vacuum of space, a black hole, being ridiculously close to the sun, lifting BOWSER, who weighs a lot and castles. Screwball: All in all, don't mess around with the Red Capped Defender. Sonic- Bolt: He's got the Ener Beam and a hankerchief. That's a lot. Done. -

Luigi, a bandage on his chest, gives Mario a 1 Up mushroom. Mario hops up, and picks up the Super Leaf and flies off to refight Sonic. Sonic runs at the Red Plumber, smirking. FIGHT! Mario dives down at Sonic, spinning rapidly. Sonic dodges, and grabs Mario with the ENER Beam. Mario is spun around and around, until he grabs the beam and tosses it at the ground, Sonic too. Sonic lands on the ground, as Mario launches a barrage of fireballs at Sonic. Sonic looks up and shouts, dodging the blasts. Mario pulls out his hammer and smashes Sonic, who is knocked back. Sonic sees a Rocket Wisp, smirks, and fires at Mario, screaming "Rocket." Mario knocks the hedgehog back with his hammer, but Sonic bounces back with a spring, as Mario's cape power up go's away. Mario falls to the ground, but uses the Ice Flower to freeze the ground. Sonic runs at Mario, full speed, and- trips. Mario bursts out laughing, and switches to Mega Mario. Sonic screams, but just as the foot falls on him- the "His world" song plays, as Super Sonic punches the giant, and smashes him into a hill. Mario, angry, pulls out the Metal Cap, as he launches his fist at the yellow hedgehog, the hedgehog, pulling out larger emeralds, becomes rainbow coloured, as the two attack destroy most of the scenery nearby. Mario, back to normal size, and no longer Metal Cap on, shakes his head, pulling out a hammer, while Sonic get's up, back to normal, and pulls out another Rocket wisp. Sonic launches at Mario, while the plumber.... stands there. Just as Rocket collides, it smashes into a giant brick. Standing there is Gold Mario, as Sonic is grabbed and tossed around before being thrown into a destroyed tree. Just as he get's up, he starts glowing, and a bright flash appears. All that is standing is a pile of coins. KO! Mario jumps down a Warp Pipe, laughing.

Bolt: One of the closest matches yet, Sonic speed was no match for the Plumber's transformations. Screwball: Hyper and Metal could not beat each other, both being invincible, but they could wear off. Then, though wisps can help him, he was nothing but money after Coin Mario got him. Looks like Sonic was too slow. Bolt: The winner is Mario.

Screwball: Next time on Stat Stadium!! (Shows Meta Knight flying through a valley, then shows Lucario on top of a mountain, glowing blue.) Bolt: Coming Christmas eve.
  1. Fraseandchico
    Uh, NO! Sonic wins in any Possible situation In a One on One with Mario, if you do it fairly, Sonic Wins, Because Of Super being able to stop the phantom Ruby, which was powerful enough to open portals between dimensions. and Hyper is Even Stronger than that.
    Sep 17, 2017