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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Episode 4

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Pink vs. Yellow! Puff vs. Pac! New vs. Old! Just kidding, it's Zero vs. Knuckles!
Screwball: Red vs. Red! Lazers vs. Fists! Swords vs. Punching! Bolt: Zero, Dr. Wily's ultimate creation, and successor of Bass. Screwball: And Knuckles, guardian of the master emerald! And because were going to be fun and let the fight get started and not do any research! Screwball: It's time for a Stadium Match!!!!!! - Zero ran down a factory, looking for his opponent. Description: Short and Red, longish hair. Zero thought they were talking about him, but he then discovered his foe was an Echidna. A Red one. Odd, but he may put up a fight. Zero was going to kill him anyway. He spotted a Red Rodent, standing up, with red dreadlocks and was shorter than Zero. Maybe this was it. Zero launched a blast near Knuckles, who smirked, turned around and got into a battle stance. FIGHT! Zero quickly slashed Knuckles, who grunted and smashed his fist into Zero's face. Zero stumbled back. Tougher than he though. This might be fun. Zero decided to use a normal hand to hand instead. He punched and kicked the echidna swiftly. Knuckles dug underground, while Zero searched. He decided to go a less scientific way. He blasted the whole floor, whichhit Knuckles, sending him up in the air. Zero slashed him, hurting his spine. Knuckles used the spin dash to knock Zero down, sending him into a hole, and continued doing it, denting his gear, until Zero stopped Knuckles, analyzed him quickly, then sent him into a wall with a charged up blast. Knuckles clutched his chest in pain, only to be punched across the floor. Knuckles looked around, but because this time, the chaos emeralds were not going to be conveniently placed in the arena, stood up, using all his energy left to hit Zero, who dodged and sent him into a wall. Knuckles lifted up near by broken machines, and through them at Zero, who blasted them to 20 pieces. Knuckles took this chance to smash his fist into Zero's stomach, and the cyborg screamed out in pain. Knuckles, who was now winning, continued this barrage of attacks until Zero was sent into a wall. Zero stood up, and charged up his beam until Knuckles was close enough, and blasted him through the walls. Zero ran after him, determined to win. Knuckles had to think fast, and quickly used the spin dash to cut Zero's face, his face with fake mechanical blood. Zero's computer brain told him to unleash, but Zero did not resort to that, not yet anyways. Zero blasted Knuckles did that many times until Knuckles was filled with blood and scars. Knuckles tanked them, and lifted up multiple giant rocks, and somehow managed to through them, however Zero dodged quickly, and decided to unleash. Zero's entire body became surrounded in bright red, then charged up a large red blast, and blasted it at Knuckles. "Rip off..." Was Knuckles' last words before being vaporized. Unleashed Zero flew off, knowing he won. KO! Screwball: No! He was having such a good life! Bolt: Though Knuckles held a speed advantage, Zero trumped in intellegeance, arsenal, power and skill. Super Knuckles might of been able to at least matched Unleashed Zero, but unlike Knuckles, Zero just needs to have enough energy to become his strongest form, and Knuckles needs the chaos emeralds. Screwball: Looks like Knuckles was subtracted. Bolt: The winner is Zero.