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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Episode 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This series will be about my two announcers, Bolt and Screwball telling us who would win a battle against either a Pokémon vs a Pokémon, one of my characters vs some dude, or whatever I feel like. Warning! This contains major spoilers for future Elemental Academy chapters. If you want to spoil yourself, keep reading. If not, please stop reading.
Bolt: Their are many kinds of kids with special powers, like Kevin, apprentice of Thor. Screwball: And Ness, the hero of Earthbound. Bolt: And were here to analyze their skills, weapons, armor, and abilities to see who would win a battle. Bolt: Kevin is a Electrical powered 14 year old, later 17, who is considered leader of his friends. He is a very brave fighter and amazing strategist, and is known for beating Thor, god of thunder, in a fight. Screwball: And you know your awesome when you can defeat the god of thunder! Kevin's main weapon was a metal thick sword, which was later upgraded to a red electrical sword after defeating Thor! Since then, he uses this thing a heck a lot! Sometimes he uses it open a jar of pickles! Kevin: A sandwhich can't be perfect without pickles. Screwball: True dat! Bolt: Kevin has beaten all of his friends in battle, and has also single handedly beaten Grono, the living being of chaos, who has once defeated Odin. Kevin does not always rely on his powers and weapons, though. Like most Elementals, Kevin is stronger and faster then normal humans, but Kevin's DNA was mixed with a very strong electrical mage when he was young by accident, thus strengthening his powers. Screwball: Translation: HE CAN LIFT A TRUCK WITH HIS PINKY! AWESOME!!!! Bolt: Actually, he was using his thumb too. That aside, Kevin, like many elementals, has his own special ability, which is the ability to become lightning. Screwball: Does that mean he can reach the speed of light? That would be cool... Bolt: Actually, yes, yes he can. Bolt: Does that mean he's as fast as Sonic? Bolt: A bit slower, but only by a hair. Kevin also has a very powerful ability, the ability to become an electrical lion, which, when used, can destroy a human skull with one hit. Kevin: Face it Dude, I'm an irresponsible, sensitive, forgetful Idiot who you just happened to know since preschool.- Bolt: Ness was young boy who just had an average life. Until, that is, he found an alien spaceship crash. The alien gave Ness PSI powers, allowing him to control fire, electricity, Meteors and many different pulses. Ness's main weapons are his yoyo and his wooden baseball bat. Screwball: Ness has taken on several different kinds of monsters! And for some reason has trouble beating a dog. Hmm... Bolt: Ness is born leader and is very brave, and has faced many strong opponents, including Mario, Sonic and Megaman. Screwball: How many of those are canon? Bolt: Good point. Ness: OKAY! Bolt: Okay, we've done the research, and now it's time to tell you who would win a battle. Screwball: The winner is.......

Kevin. Bolt: Kevin is physically stronger then Ness, and his weapon are much stronger then Ness's. Screwball: Who uses a yoyo to fight robots? Bolt: Kevin is also faster, smarter and has a more helpful final attack then Ness. Screwball: Ness's PK thunder is like a butterfly compared to Kevin's Thunder Lion, Lazar.
Bluefox: I hope you enjoyed this episode, there will be much more! This contains some spoilers for future Elemental Academy chapters, so look forward to what has been mentioned soon! BlueFox out!