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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Christmas Special

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Meta Knight vs. Lucario!!!!! Can Meta Knight redeem himself against the Aura Jackal, or will Lucario triumph over the Anti Hero Popopo?!
Screwball: When playing video games, there is always that complete badass that is just awesome. Bolt: For example, Lucario, the Aura Guardian. Screwball: And Meta Knight, the Galaxia Wielder. He's Bolt and I'm Screwball! Bolt: And we're here to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Stadium Showdown. (Shows Meta Knight and Lucario glaring at each other placed in a icy mountain.

Meta Knight- Bolt: Years ago, the Star Warriors fought against the Nightmare in an epic battle for all that is right. Many lives were taken. However, 1 older warrior and 2 infants crash landed on Popstar. Meta Knight was the older warrior, who became King Dedede's knight, and- Screwball: Has an epic Spanish accent! Bolt: Um... yes. Meta Knight is more experienced, powerful and faster then Kirby, who can take down FREAKING MAJIN BUU(AND KID BUU), and throw a giant monster into the sun and back. Screwball: So let's take the most logical approach. If Meta Knight and Kirby are the same species, and the Dark Matter infected Kirby is stronger, then because Kirby can break a planet in half, which is the size of earth, and throw the giant acid monster Popon to the sun, which must take a large amount of strength, then we can assume Meta Knight is almost as strong as Vegeta, probably the 10th strongest thing on earth. (Vegeta: Screw you!) Bolt: Screwball, that's actually quite genius! Screwball: He also has this really awesome sword called the Galaxia, which is the strongest sword in the world, only being matched by Kirby's Master Sword. Bolt: Galaxia can only be held by Meta Knight and Kirby. Screwball: Meta Knight can also use the Smash Ball to create the Galaxia Darkness, where everything turns dark and if Meta Knight is close enough, will unleash a powerful blow, slashing the opponents with a badass glare. Bolt: Meta Knight is one of the strongest video game characters ever- Screwball: So don't try taking off his mask, or you'll get a Meta-Fight. Meta Knight: You have much to learn....

Lucario- Bolt: Lucario is the Aura Guardian, a powerful Pokémon that can read people's auras- Screwball: He also has Spider Sense, which allows him to counter attack!- if he's fast enough..... Bolt: Which shouldn't be a problem, since he has a very high speed stat. Lucario has the strength and determination to go up against Mew, one of the rarest and most powerful Pokémon in the world. Screwball: Lucario can go super fast with extreme speed and quick attack. He can also create a Kame-Hame-Ha using his aura power, and can charge this up into the powerful Aura Blast. Bolt: Don't forget bout this....(Mega Lucario shouts) Mega Lucario boosts Lucario's speed and power by a long shot, and can now.... talk, for some reason. Bolt: Lucario also get's this awesome anime flare, with spikes, longer hair.... This is beginning to sound like Dragon Ball. Lucario: Feel the AURA!!!

Bolt: Alright the combatants are set! Let's settle this debate once and for all. Screwball: It's time for a Stadium Showdown!!!!

Lucario raises his fists, Aura going through him. Met Knight pulls out the Galaxia. FIGHT! Meta Knight uses the Drill Rush on Lucario, who is sent back, who then fires 3 aura spheres. Meta Knight easily dodges, and then swings his sword at Lucario, who uses Double Team to evade. Meta Knight looks around at the clones, and use the Mach Tornado to hit all o them. He looks around, and is then hit on the head by a Force Palm from the air. Meta Knight get's up and glares, then uses the Shuttle Loop to catch Lucario then send him flying. Meta Knight teleports then appears behind Lucario and slashes him, as Lucario cough s out blood. Lucario fires a barrage of Aura Spheres, then charges a Extreme Speed. Meta Knight is hit hard, and is sent sprawling back. Meta Knight get's up, but his met by a Force Palm. Meta Knight swings his sword at Lucario, and as hard as he can, cuts Lucario's tail off. Lucario is then sent flying back by the Galaxia. Meta Knight smirks under his mask, and aims a Sword Beam at the Jackal's Head. Lucario coughs out more blood, but get's up and yells, angry. A large flash surrounds him, and after a bright light. Standing there is Mega Lucario, and the beam is reflected by a counter. Meta Knight is then knocked back by a Aura Sphere. eta Knight get's up, and when he looks around, he is hit from behind by a Force Palm. Mega Lucario then uses Mega Punch to send Meta Knight into a mountain. Meta Knight get's up and calls his ship. The Halberd. Comes flying toward him, and Meta Knight jumps on it. eta Knight starts firing at the Mega Pokémon, and the jackal is hit, then grabbed by the claw. Meta Knight jumps off the ships, and prepares to attack, but Lucario escapes the claw and runs in front off Meta Knight. Lucario knocks off his mask, and Meta Knight, angered , slashes Mega Lucario, while Lucario punches Meta Knight. The two attacks collide, and Mega Lucario is blown away, and Meta Knight teleports. Lucario's mega form wears off, and Meta Knight sees this. He rushes at Lucario, crushing a stored smash ball, and the screen goes black, as Meta Knight says deeply, "Know my power...". A slash is heard, then a scream of pain. When the screen goes back to normal, it shows Meta Knight flying away, and Lucario cut in half. KO!

Bolt: That was the absolute closest match in Stat Stadium history. Meta Knight's speed and power were more then the aura jackal could handle, though. Because of a Kirby's natural born strength, a grown Kirby's is very powerful, stronger then Lucario. Screwball: Meta Knight's skill was too much for Lucario, and Mega Lucario wasn't enough for he Galaxia Darkness. Looks like Lucario is all cut up. Bolt: The winner is Meta Knight.

Next time..... Rayman...... vs....... Spyro.......
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Preview: Rayman swings his Plunger at Spyro, who dodges and fires some flame blasts. Rayman does the swinging fist move, as Spyro is hit back, then claws Rayman.
    A scene showing Rayman and Spyro using there finishing moves, Rayman using a charged up punch while Spyro spits a fire ball at Rayman.
    Dec 24, 2014