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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium 100 likes Special

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Rayman vs Spyro...... No analyzation, just a good old fight.
Rayman, while tracking down a Treasure Chest, is attacked by Spyro, who mistakes him as one of Kaos's minions. FIGHT! Rayman swings his arms around, hitting Spyro. Spyro then spits fireballs at Rayman, who dodges. Spyro is hit hard in the face, then ground pounded on 3 times. Spyro, angered, fire more fireballs, as Rayman dodges, but is hit by the last one. Rayman is sent flying back, then picks up a nearby heart. He takes out his plunger, then smacks Spyro in the face. Spyro's face get's stuck in the plunger, as Rayman watches amusingly as the dragon tries to get it off. Spyro eventually get's it off, but is met by a charged up attack. Rayman punches Spyro, but is blocked and hit. Spyro smirks, then blasts a large fire ball. Rayman screams, and dodges. He flies in the air using his hair, then ground pounds, only to be bit and tossed. Rayman's extra heart breaks, and he looks up, scared. He then smirks, having found something. The Super fist goes right into Spyro's face, who shakes his head, then dodges the next punch and bashes into Rayman. The limbless wonder and the purple dragon glare at each other, before Rayman leaps back and get's another power up. Spyro fires 6 fire balls, and Rayman is hit, but then swings the golden fist at Spyro. A huge explosion comes, as Spyro is blown back, surviving. Rayman is sent into a tree, but get's up. Rayman charges up a Golden Fist, while Spyro bashes in, surrounded in fire, the two attacks collide, and an explosion comes, both comabtants creaming as the blast envelops them. Rayman is slowly incinerated while Spyro is sent flying back into a mountain. Rayman is now a bubble form of him self, and slowly tries to reginarate. Spyro gets up and sees Rayman as a bubble, and races at ot, full speed. Rayman sees this and begins panicking, until he.... floats out of the way. Spyro, angered, fires 3 fire balls, but Rayman dodges. Rayman sees a heart, grabs it, and the limbless wonder get's out the Shock Rocket, and fires it right at Spyro. The attack goes right through the dragon, and he collapses on the floor. KO! Rayman walks away as Eon starts crying over the death of Spyro.