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Star Butterfly vs Randy Cunningham

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Star Butterfly vs Randy Cunningham
Randy was having a normal day at school, walking around the soccer field, but that took a change when a portal appeared in the middle of it. Randy dressed in his Ninja Suit, and got in a fighting stance as the teenage heroine Star Butterfly jumped out. She saw the ninja teen in front of her and guessed it was an enemy. They both began fighting. Randy sheathed his sword and slashed at Star, who narrowly dodged and used the Rainbow Punch. Randy backed up and used the Fire Balls, which Star countered with her Sharp Hearts. The attacks blew up in the middle, but Randy came down with a kick, which Star dodged and whacked him with her wand. Randy was hit back, but used his sword to try to chop the wand. Star ducked, but it cut some of her hair off. Star became furious and sent a Narwhal Blast at Randy, who was sent back. Randy was then hit by the Syrup Tsunami, and became stuck in the ground. Star hits Randy repeatedly with the Rainbow Punch until Randy breaks out of the syrup and throws a cold bomb at Star, freezing her. Star bursts out, now a bit blue, and screams out her next attack. “TURBO NUCLEAR BUTTERFLY BLAST!!!!!!” Star screams as a giant ray of butterflies and fire shoots directly at Randy, who manages to dodge, but at a high price. He hears a scream of agony and turns around to see the blast hit his best friend Howard, who came to see the fight. Randy dashes over, as Howard falls down, a giant hole in his stomach. Randy twitches as Star stands behind him, a bit sorry. However, her sadness turns to fear as fire erupts where Randy stood, the ninja screaming in fury. Randy turns around after the fire clears, now using the Ninja Rage. “Uh Oh.” Is all Star Butterfly can say as Randy dashes forward, fists on fire. Randy begins punching her continuously until Star teleports. Star sees Randy running at her again, ready to fire the Tengu Fireball, and Star uses the Syrup Tsunami. Randy breaks out easily, however and Star is sent flying back. As Star lands on the ground with a thump, she gets the air knocked out of her. Randy walks over to her and stabs Star in the stomach, burning the inside of her body. Randy breathes heavily, then faints, tired from the battle, and the fact that his Ninja Rage wore off.
This fight’s winner is: