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Stagnorra - Prologue

by VaporeonOfLegend

VaporeonOfLegend "There was a place. It is no longer. Not many knew about it. I was one of the few." (Read more in the author's note at the end)

There was a place.

It is no longer.

Not many knew about it.

I was one of the few.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do, getting there.

That’s why so few know of its existence.

“Where is it?” you’re probably wondering. “What is it?”'

Well, I suppose I should stop with the teasing and tell you, now shouldn’t I?

In every region of the world, there is a portal to this place. They appear as nothing more than ponds, but under the light of the full moon, they are revealed to be much more. No one knows why or how it happens, not even the place’s inhabitants. The moonlight must give them some sort of magical property that they don’t usually have.

Everyone who lived there stumbled across the portals by accident, people and Pokémon alike.

This place was what I believe most people would describe as heaven. It was beautiful, no matter the weather or time of day. We called it Stagnorra.

Stagnorra’s a wonderful place, but… there is one catch to it…
We’ll get to that later, though.

You probably have many, many questions for me. “Who are you?” “How did you get to Stagnorra?” “Why do you keep saying ‘was’? Did something happen to Stagnorra?”

Well, if you’re willing to listen, then maybe I’ll tell you…
(A/N) This is going to be the first fic I post online. EVER. So needless to say, I’m nervous. It will be posted on pokecharms.com (under the name of VaporeonOfLegend) and fanfiction.net (under the name of AngelicVaporeonWarrior2773), so feel free to support me on both sites.

Positive criticism is welcome (VERY welcome), but no flaming.

Whelp, I guess that’s it. Hope you enjoyed, and look out for the first chapter of Stagnorra.
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  1. Azur
    Amazing! You're an amazing writer, Vaporeon! I I'll definitely be looking forward to Chapter 1.
    Jan 9, 2015