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Sprite Fusion: Sphinx

by Skyheart42

Skyheart42 Sphinxes are creatures from Greek and Egyptian mythology that has a human head, a lion's body, and bird wings. In Greek mythology, it is female, but in Egyptian mythology it is male and has a Pharaoh's head. This is the Greek version(I might do an Egyptian version at some point).
I mixed the DP Absol sprite(body/head), the FRLG Pidgeot sprite(wings), and the BW Liepard sprite(tail) to create the sprite for the sphinx. I challenged myself to only use colors from the sprites to make it, and I did end up accomplishing that and not having to make any extra colors.
I made two versions- "Plain" and "Regal". Basically Regal just has colored wings and some makeup(eyeliner and pink eye shadow).
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