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Ennen Creatures: Spark Snake

by NonAnalogue

spark snake shaded outlines.png
NonAnalogue Another creature native to Ennen, this one mostly hangs out in jungle-y regions, like the ones in southern Ginde or Kenba. As their protective markings might indicate, spark snakes don't use venom to defend themselves; instead, they employ an electric shock delivered via bite or coiling to drive off enemies and stun prey. The wings are a bit of a curiosity, and they're what really sets them apart from most snakes; nonetheless, they really only grant the snake the ability to hover and maybe fly a few feet because of the snake's relative size. The mental image I have here is of a snake hanging in the air like a big mosquito. :T

Spark snakes are a big part of the lore in the aforementioned areas; it's said that they have a connection to souls and reincarnation. As such, it is a bad idea to hurt or kill one. The same legends also say that they can take human form, though this is obviously unconfirmed.

I also realized after I finished that it's basically a big electric Ekans. Ah well.

Elements: lightning, light