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by Sy Kage

Sy Kage Sy and Kage are finding it impossible to find something to do! But when the Internet falls into the hands of the undeniable power of Advertisse, Sy and Kage must journey across the vast lands of the Internet to destroy him on their quest to end the Spam Wars!
"Hya! Hut! Hya!"
Cling clang clang.
"You're getting good, Sy," Kage muttered, bowing before his opponent.
"Thanks," said Sy, placing the katana back in the sheath on his back. "I try."
Just as Kage stood back up to leave the dojo, the doors burst open.
"They're coming!" A man with a square body said, running around in circles, pale as light.
"Who?" Sy asked curiously. "Calm down, man!"
The man dropped to his knees as Kage ran to him.
"What is it?" Kage repeated after Sy. The man flopped over onto his belly on rolled around.
"Advertisse's men," the man sputtered. Taking out his address bar, he hopped back to ExcusesForBeingLate.com.

Sy and Kage stepped out of the dojo located on Mount LearnEpicKarate.net. Looking down onto the grassy land of Google below, they saw a horrible sight.
'Video chat online' was typed in the Majestic Search Bar, the center of the Internet. About twenty men stood around it. Suddenly, many tunnels popped up, each leading to different websites.
The men, dressed in pure red, strived into the tunnel before them.
"Sy!" Kage spat. "These are indeed Advertisse's men! They must be going to talk to Advertisse!"
"Should we, I dunno, follow them?" Sy asked. "I mean, if you say they're up to something evil-"
"Of course!" Kage sputtered. "They may be planning something! This isn't the first time they have caused trouble in the Internet! Do you not remember when they disguised themselves as download buttons and we all became infected with viruses?!"
"Yes I do." Sy sighed. "But they could just be talking to someone using video chat, everyone does."
Kage shook his head and jumped down the mountain.
"Wait!" Sy yelled as he quickly followed after him. "I'll come!"

To be continued...
  1. bioaura
    Like how you split in two characters good story!
    Apr 11, 2014