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Sonic RPG (Volume 1) #1

by KetchumHustle

KetchumHustle Note: Archie Sonic is in this work (You know which Sonic I mean!), Other Anime (such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach) will appear throughout the whole series.
Sonic was having a nice vacation, but his enemies won't let him have a good one! A Rocket is shot at Sonic!
Sonic: Great! I'm Sandy, and you ruined my vacation! Just Great!
Dr. Eggman: I will destroy you! Now with my little friend, Chaos! And the special thing about Chaos is that it's a clone of the REAL Chaos!
Sonic: Ok. Why is that every time you try to take over the world, you fail?
Dr. Eggman: Chaos, Kill Sonic, Now!
Sonic: Here I go! (punching Chaos)
Chaos: Zrrrzhaajds (splashes a huge waterfall on Sonic)
Sonic: I can't swim!
???: Leave this to me, Sonic!
Sonic: Shadow!
Dr. Eggman: Shadow?!
Chaos: Shhazfskdd????
Shadow: You can't beat a gout of water?! Pathetic! I'll stop this abomination!
Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL! (uses Chaos Control and destroys Chaos)
Dr. Eggman: Well... At least I get a Chaos Emerald! (gets eggmobile and steals chaos emerald from Shadow)
Shadow: Shoot! That Shiny, Bald Head!
Sonic: Welp... Where's Toast. How about you drop off at Knuckles' Place?
Shadow: Sure... Wynaut?

-At Knuckles' Place-

Shadow: Ahh... The Master Emerald. Here is what I need-
Knuckles: Hey! (jumps down)
Shadow: Oh, Knuckles! Can I borrow the Master Emerald?
Knuckles: Sorry, but you can't. It has to stay with me.
Shadow: I'm doing a favor for Sonic!
Knuckles: Sonic called me. He said to drop off at my place.
Shadow: Oh. Well, Ok. Robotnik stole one of the Chaos Emeralds.
Knuckles: He did?! Let's Go! Let's pay Bald Head Skittle Diddle a visit!

-At Eggman's Hideout-

Eggman: So, Now I've got Sonic and Shadow's DNA, I should fuse them together, and Walah! I made a God! Heheh, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
???: Not so fast, Eggie Boy!
Eggman: What the- How did you get here?!
Sonic: Remember when you blasted me with The Emerald Cannon? I can turn Super Sonic whenever I want, and never power down, I can, if I want!
Eggman: Not even my Sky Hideouts are fit for Rodents like you! But now, my robot, The Eggdigger Robot!
Sonic: Another robot? Ok! Let's Dance, DiggerBoy!
Sonic: Graahhh! Gah, Gah, GrrrrAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAHHHAAAAA!!!! GahAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAH! (turns Super Sonic)
Super Sonic: What are you gonna do now, Eggface? I'm Super Sonic now!
Eggman: Whatever!
Super Sonic: Sonicpulse! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Eggman: Yes! Finally! After a Month!
Sonic: What?! What is that computer talking about?! SPEAK ROBOTNIK!
Eggman: The Era of Sonaw is complete!

-The Sonic-Shadow Form is born!-

???: Who am I?
Eggman: You are Sonaw, you are evil, and you will-
???: Sonaw?! The Most Stupidest names of all of the names in the history of names! Let me make a name. Hmmm... Skeeladoom, yes, Skeeladoom is Born!
???: Sorry for being late!
???: Yep!
Shadow: Sonic, what is this thing?
Sonic: I think when we learn the Fusion technique, that is us. Skeeladoom.
Knuckles: Really? Nice name.
Sonic: I know right!
Shadow: A Nice name indeed
Skeeladoom: Thank you! Now, TIME TO DIE!
???: Not on my watch!
Sonic: Tails! I'm glad to see you!
Tails: Who is this guy?
Knuckles: Skeeladoom.
Tails: Oh, ok.
Eggman: The Portal is ready!


Eggman: You all will die! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sonic: Where are you bringing us???!!?!?

To Be Continued...
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