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New Dawn: Snowbound pt 2

by phoenixacezero

I Don't own pokemon or any of it copyright. that belong to Nintendo and Gamefreak


Phoenix ran around to the cabin, his mind clouded with rage as he a began his search for Josh and Marcus he didn't need any info on what hey look like. he met them.

Marcus Jefferson and Josh Hopkins were part of Trevor's gang. Marcus, who he met a bar was skinny short blue goat who is expert hustler with an irritating high pitched laugh. One of his most notorious venture was using a trick deck and glasses in a game of strip poker against some girls from a sorority house. His personality suits him: a total coward. Josh was tall chubby orange golden retriever-mouse hybrid anthro who mind was slow as a earth snail. He is know as the muscle of the gang. Phoenix met the big lummox at a toy store buying a stuff teddy bear for a his mother once, for his best trait was that he was kind and caring. Josh wouldn't hurt no one on purpose, unless Marcus and Trevor lied to him. In fact, The only reason He joined was because a certain someone lied to him saying that they'll promised to be his friends.

Phoenix stopped as heard voices coming from the kitchen. Came a high voice sounding like "HAHA, Nice work there Josh-man. You sure show that guy." "No prob Marcus." came a low voice filled with child like innocent, "after all he was meanie right, so had to defend you. After friends stand up together to beat-up the bad guys."
Phoenix shook his head and let out sighed in disappointment. He couldn't bear to tell someone like Josh the truth. It like telling a kid that his pet hamster died and that you threw it away into the garbage can.. heartbroken,but he knew if he didn't, things would get worst. He took a deep breath and kicked the door opened.

Phoenix's Pov

Phoenix: *anger* Marcus!
Marcus: Well look who came to the party. What do You want.
Phoenix: You know, some grab a drink, make a sandwich, of course that after get revenge for Al.
Marcus: *cross his arm and looked at me.* Al? Who the fuck is Al?
Phoenix: *stare coldly at him.* WHO THE FU- YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT?
Marcus: *realize.* Oh yeah, I remember him. He the nerd that is about the side of a house.
Phoenix: TAKE IT BACK!

I grab the hilt of my beam katana, but stop myself from activating it. I only come here to teach this guy a lesson, not remove their guts, plus I can't talk to Kiki if I get sent to jail.
Phoenix: Listen, I give you a choice. Apologize on your own accord or I'll have to use force.

Josh stepped in front of Marcus and stared at me with anger.

Josh: That Meanie should be the who should say sorry. He tried to hurt my friend
Phoenix: *Sigh* Listen man Marcus
???: Well what are you ladies doing.

I recognized that voice. I turned around and standing in the door way was Trevor with his arm around a white cat anthro with brown hair, wearing a red jacket with pink t-shirt and pair of blue pants. I can see why Trevor "dating" her.
Trevor: Guys, I like you to meet Kiki Primatail
Phoenix: *Surprised.* Kiki Primatail as in the artist Kiki Primatail.

Kiki Primatail is an popular abstract artist on GraphicmMage. Those that chat with her said that she has shy personality with a big heart, but she can be easily fooled by what say.
Trevor: Kiki, I like you to meet.
Marcus: The name Marcus dollface and it a pleasure to meet ya.
Kiki: Nice to meet ya.
Josh: My name josh *grab her hand shake it so fast she shaking like she in an earthquake.*
Kiki: nnnicce tttoooo mmeeeet, yyyyoouu.
Phoenix: *Extend my hand to her.* The name Phoenix Powerdown
Kiki: Umm... *walks away.*

That was just rude, still she seem a bit nervous, scared of me. I mean we just met, so what does she has to be afraid of? I'll ask her when I have the chance to do so.
Trevor: *pull out a mike from his pants pocket.* Alright everyone, gather around at the entrance, for this party about to kick into high gear. *head to the entrance.*
Marcus: See ya. let goes Josh. *head toward the entrance.*
Josh: okay marcus *head toward the entrance.*

I headed toward the entrance wondering what type of excitement he has plan for everyone and what scheme does he have that will get him into Kiki's pants. When I got to the entrance i saw all 8 of the other guests gather around. they were Veruca, Al, Kiki, Josh, Marcus, and three other people. One was a male electabuzz with spikey black hair in his twenty. he was wearing a black ski jacket and dark navy blues pants. the 7th guest was Dark red robin anthro waering a yellow ski jacket and green pants. the final guest was a short feminine looking male bat anthro wearing a green ski jacket and pants, a yellow shirt with one of my drawing on it.

Trevor: Now your all wondering what we're doing next.
Bat anthro: that be nice to know?
Veruca: I'm can think of a couple of reason.
Male robin anthro: Get to the point already.
Trevor: Well there two things. There a rave going on in Toronto, and I heard that some of that there an amateurs DJ contest going on, and guess who received an invite and you guys can come, if you do one things.
Phoenix: And that would be?
Trevor: Simple kid. Recall that heist 5 month ago.

I know which one he was talking about. 5 month ago two bank robbers robbed a mansion, stealing nearly $30,000 worth of jade emerald and crossed the boarder into Canada, unfortantely when they got Toronto, they crashed. The police searched the van they drove but couldn't find the item.

Trevor: Well there rumor that three girls from an orphanage found it and hidden it inside the abandon church. So the plan is to find that treasure at night and return it, warp back to Toronto and rave on.

To be honest his answer sort if surprised me, but since it coming from him, it probably a lie to impress Kiki. I look around and notice that Al seems to shaking with fear.

Al: bu-bu-but isn't that where those psy-psy-psyccca- crazy priest is at.

I'm guessing he talking about the rumor regarding the of a priest that slaughtering people who have sinned at an abandon church. some say that he acquired demonic powers by selling his soul for power.

Trevor: Yeah, *pull out a sword with some rune writing on it..* But I got a sword from a priest, so even if we run into that guy, I'll slay him. Now who with me.
Red robin guest: *scared* Are You high?! There no way I'm wasting my life only whether if some priest mutilates his victims an i defiantly don't want to become part of that rumor .
Electabuzz guest: *scared* I... have a history examine tomorrow.

Both the red robin and the electabuzz leave the cabinin fear, and to be honest i can understand how they feel. singetsu are hard to defeat without a a spirit blade or a holy item. If I go, I can expose Trevor for the liar that he he is, but it could be true and But I lack the holy power and if i lose temper, I could end up endangering everyone. I decide to...

-> Go Home.
-> Go with them.

I know I lack the power, but if I leave now I could end up making another decision I could regret the rest of my life.
Phoenix: I'm coming along
Marcus: same here.
Josh: Yeah, after same her
Veruca: YOU GUYS ARE SO BRAVE! I coming to
Kiki: Such bravery could give me some insperation
Al: *growl* ... I'M GOING TO! I'LL SHOW YOU THE TRUE MEANING OF cour-cou- cour BRAVERY!

Now I'm concern. If he let his emotion get the better of him he could get hurt or possessed.
Bat guest: I'l think I'll go.

Trevor: Okay. We wait for nightfall.

Nightfall at the abandon church.

We arrived at the church. from the outside, it look completed, but on the inside, look like that it still under construction with wire sticking out and half built stair case . when The church burn down 3 years ago, they tried rebuilding it, but due to financial problem, they had to halt construction. Overtime the project was abandon and a local baker allowed his place to be used as the new church.

Trevor: alright here how we'll search the place. *point at the bat anthro.* Sam, your with Al. go check in the basement. The rest of you fan out and search the place.

What is he up to? Sam and Al head to the a door leading to the basement. we search everyplace for something that would be an excellent place for 3 young girls to stash jade emerald.
Phoenix: there got to be something.. huh?

I found , resting on the pew was an old fashion purple key. I picked it up and suddenly an image flash before my eyes. Three girls appear young girls forming into a frightening figure. a sword cut through it and everything became red. I then see a purple toy chest with a lock on it being open as bunch people get sucked in by ominous spirits. and the final image turn into two dark figure, a wide one and one carrying a sword. They then turn into fierce looking shadows and crack form in the dark background and the scene burst.
Phoenix: What the?
Veruca: hey are you alright?
Phoenix: Yeah I'm okay. I found this key and-

I waited as they brought up something that filled me dread. It was the same locked purple toy chest from my vision. put the key in my right jacket pocket.

Al: It was a bre- bree- easy to find with my razor sharp eyes. Right Sam.
Sam: umm.. Yeah. easy.
Phoenix: ....
Trevor: Alright let open this.

As Trevor walked toward the chest, I rushed and blocked his path

Trevor : What the fuck man?
Phoenix : Listen, I don't think it would be a good idea to open this.
Trevor : Why? It just a bunch of jade emeralds.
??? : cause it doesn't belong to you?

I look at where the voice came from and see the red robin that left holding a machine gun. I pull out my beam katana and activate it. i was about to teleport behind him when suddenly, a powerful jolt of electricity surge through my body my body and I fall to the ground. I tried to get up, but my body not responding.

Red robin anthro : Way to go Val.

I hear a laugh and look in the direction and see the electabuzz that was also invited also holding a machine gun.
Val electabuzz: No problem Eddie.
Eddie: *chuckle* change off plans. Your going to give us what in that toy chest. after all we know all about how deceptive you are. now move out the way
Trevor: grr.

Trevor reluctantly move out of the way and Eddie walk up to the chest. He look down at me with a smug expression. He notice the chest key. He then grab the key from me.

Eddie: well, well. thank for helping us find the key.

I desperately grab the try to grab the key from his clutches, but the paralyses prevented me from doing so and he kick me in the right shoulder before setting me aside.
Eddie: I put a needle on shoe. It laced with a powerful tranquilizer agent when you wake up, We'll be long gone.
He walk to the chest and use the key to unlock it.
Phoenix: Wait- don't...

I watch in horror as Eddie opens the chest and terrifying entity with three set of pop out of the chest. everyone try to flee away from the, but they were pull into to the chest. I tried to resist with whatever strength I had left, but it no use and my vision fade to black as I'm drag into the chest.

To be continued.