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Sketch: Marvin Naes

by Il Fantasma

Martin Naes.JPG
Il Fantasma Y'know how I said I had an idea for a story a while back? Well, I got to drawing the protagonist! Here he is! This is Marvin Naes, the main character for my story The Funhouse, which I will get to writing soon! I'm psyched to start this, and I hope you all are excited to read it! lol

Stay tuned! >:3

P.S.: I can't draw hands. Don't judge me.

EDIT: I've found a free-to-use character sheet on DeviantArt, made by noobyaoiwriter! Here's some more info about Marvin! (Keep in mind that some parts have been taken out.)

Name: Marvin Naes
Age: 17
Gender: male
Hair: His natural color is black, but it's highlighted with a dark, navy blue. It used to be fairly long, cut like a sort-of mohawk, but as he aged, it also grew, falling over his left eye. The ends and roots are fairly curly, but it's not very noticeable.
Eyes: They're a dull grey that sparkle under artificial light, but not in sunlight. This is switched while younger.
Gifts: As a child, Marvin was very observant and intelligent, and this helps him throughout life very much.
Weapon(s): Marvin carries a Swiss Army knife in a pocket near the bottom of his right pant leg, just incase. He never really uses it, though, but it is there.
History: For about seven years, Marvin's life was everything he could ever ask for. His brother was only a year or so older than him, and the two were best friends, the closest they could possibly be. Both his mother and father were very kind and loving, caring so, so much about both their children and their lives. While in first grade, he met his other best friend, Zackery, and the two became almost as close as Marvin and Emmanuel.
The next year, everything fell to pieces.
Second grade. That's no time to lose two very important people to you, but that's exactly what happened to Marvin.
He had just gotten home. His father was found on the couch, red-faced and tear-stained. Poor Marvin knew something bad had happened, but he wasn't sure exactly what. It didn't take him long to realize that neither his mother nor Emmanuel were anywhere to be seen. Automatically, he thought of the worst.
Why would his thoughts not be proven correct?
Without the money to support his son, who was completely devastated by the news of the deaths of two very important people in his life, Jeremiah, a movie theater worker, was forced to put his only remaining son up for adoption. Not only did it break his own heart, it broke Marvin's, too, seeing his father at such a low point of his life.
For a month or two, Marvin stayed at the adoption center, which, thankfully, was in the same town as his home, so he also continued to attend the same school. Jeremiah would visit him whenever he could, but Marvin felt that their relationship had been permanently damaged due to him putting him up for adoption. Zackery, too, stayed in touch, and Marvin could not be any more thankful for that.
After what felt like forever, a couple decided to adopt Marvin. The ladies were very nice and caring towards him, and Marvin felt safe and loved while in their presence. Allowing them to do so, the two took him to their home, virtually ecstatic that they now had a son. A few towns away from his birthplace, Marvin met the rest of his new family: a girl named Danika, who seemed to be around four years younger than him. Instantly, the boy began to act as the older, supportive sibling, and Haven and Paprika grew to love him more and more for that simple fact.
As odd as Marvin found it at first that these people were now considered his family, he soon grew attached to them and couldn't be happier with the new situation he was in. Well, he still definitely wished his mother and brother were still alive, and that his dad was around, but since he knew that could not happen, he made sure he called himself satisfied with what he had.
A three-year-old Danika told him about her own older sibling, who also passed away, named Zubeida. Marvin couldn't help but think that the name sounded very beautiful. He wondered why people had to die so often, even before he gets to meet them. Although she was the one to tell him about her, Danika admitted that she never really knew her sister. Marvin had to muster up the guts to tell her about Emmanuel, trying not to break down while he does. He succeeded.
Marvin was always a strong boy. His strength only grew as time went on and he got older. A select few personality traits changed, too, but the biggest change would be his quietness. Marvin used to be pretty talkative around those he knows, but now he decides to keep his thoughts and opinions to himself more often than not. He believes this should make sense to others, when "I have a backstory filled with depression I never felt completely," as he calls it.
Still attending school, though, and still in touch with Zachery and his father (although this isn't very much), Marvin still wishes that there was something he could do on that fateful day that changed his life forever. For whatever reason, he feels that the deaths that occurred were his fault, because he wasn't there at the time, but he does thank Haven and Paprika for taking him in and treating him like he was their own.
He's not quite sure exactly how to feel about being dropped off at a child's daycare, but you'll find out more about that once the story kicks off.
Personality: Marvin is usually fairly quiet, even when around close friends or family. Even though many people consider him emo, he really isn't. Writing about his feelings and experiences in a sort-of diary he keeps to himself, he is quite talented with penmanship. Easily unnerved, he used to be very curious and asked questions about anything he deemed confusing or unknown, but nowadays he keeps everything to himself, even though he is still very curious. He's a bit of a mystery to everyone who doesn't know him, but that's understandable and perfectly fine, in his eyes.
  • Birth: Jeremiah (father), Mackenzie (mother, deceased), Emmanuel (older brother, deceased)
  • Adopted: Haven Stocke (mother), Paprika Stocke (mother), Danika Stocke (younger sister), Zubeida Stocke (older sister, deceased)
Friends: Zackery, Marvin's childhood friend, has stuck with him through thick and thin. He's the only one, though, but Marvin couldn't think of anyone better to have with him. Also, he meets a girl by the name of Claire at the daycare who he quickly befriends.
Likes: sour foods, music, spending time with family/friends (but he keeps this feeling to himself)
: being alone, silence, cages, closed-in spaces
Fears: death, insanity, pain, disease (basically anything that can cause death)