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by Eeveelution Master

Eeveelution Master Another poem of mine
Lust is as red as an open wound but something you can’t live without for it makes us human.
Greed is as green as the money you wish for but it makes you human and we always want things.
Wrath is as black as a moonless night a sin I wish we wouldn’t feel but one many know quite well.
Envy is as purple as a bruise but we cannot live without this because we all want to be someone else when the going gets tough.
Gluttony is as orange as a food or an object they overdo with but there will always be people who will want to overdo because they think it will makes things better.
Pride is a rainbow of colors because pride comes in many forms because there are people who believe they are invincible or have way too many flaws well you are not invincible and someone might find those so called flaws beauty.
Sloth is as blue as the couch they lay on but we can all be lazy couch potatoes and some people deserve to be one because they work their fingers to the bone for something they love.
These 7 sins may be horrible to some but I believe they are beautiful because they make every single one of us alike in some way. We all feel one or more of these 7. We are all different I know this but these 7 sins are one thing that all of us feel one time in their lives.
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