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Silver glinters and Brown marzipan

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys and girls , I'm going to make a poem today so it will have no parts and be a quite long written(I think) story.BTW , there are pokemon included in the poem.Hope ya guys and girls enjoy my story.

Let's shake the spear......
Glitters and glinters all messy
The men all joyed with Hennessy
Eeeves trying out too
Maybe a Hennessy or two
All turned out to be drunk

The saying goes "Magic is in the air"
An alibi behind the lair
The lair with crazed mares
Darkness is in care
With baffled laughs everywhere

Rapidashes galloping in the plains
With fiery blood rushing in their veins
Braviaries flying above the frigid mountains
While Dragonites swim in the fountains
A bit ironic don't you think

Wild Mightyenas scavenging the meat
Tropiuses in the heat
Heatrans erupting with anger
While the bear eats the badger
A brutal event in hand

Finally we have the deserts
Clowns playing with tarots
Sandshrews rolling in the sand
The hypocritical priest with a band
A laugh to take don't you think