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Lightning Stormers: Shocked

by Shauna23

Shauna23 A micheal vey fan fic. To be added in, conversation me.
Nala looked out her window at the academy. The luxury suite had everything, but she wished for the crash of waves she heard at her home in Miami. Clearly still tired from waking up at 5 am, she looked at her banana menu. The potassium in bananas somehow helped increase the glows' powers. It had everything from a banana smoothie to a banana frittata to banana soufflé. Lying in her bed, she grabbed her bedside phone and ordered a banana-pineapple delight with banana custard and and friendship tea. This is me. After I slammed the phone down, I suddenly started to feel good. "Tara, I know your at the door," I said. The blond girl came in, and the sensation went away.
"You know that you don't have to do that every time you're at my door, right?" I pointed out.
"But it's fun to see how long it takes you to realize it's me! You found out today in record time," Tara pouted. Tara was not only my bff, she also was helping me bust outta there. She wanted to get out as much as me. We had been planning for months. Tanner, Ian, and I would all bust outta here tonight. That's when the alarms blared. I immediately grabbed Tara, and looked her in the eyes. That alarm meant go to the helicopter. Going to the helicopter meant no escape. More Hatch. Then I saw Micheal. My teammates( Linal and Ian), who I was gonna help escape that night, stood there. Tara looked at me. I knew what she was thinking. " No, I can't," I told her, "Hatch."
" I'll tell them they captured you. Just grab Linal, and blow up a wall to make it look like you fought, " she told me. I knew there was no way to change Tara's mind. I surged, broke the wall, and ran to Linel's room. Since he was my twin brother, he had similar powers I'll explain later. I looked at Linel, grabbed him, and found Michael. Without saying a word, I followed Micheal to the forest, and watched Tara and Tanner leave. Holding Ian's and Linel's hand, I cried. I felt Abigail's hand, her trying to help me, but it was no use. I sobbed into Linel. Then there was the sound of the car.
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