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Ennen Creatures: Set 11

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 11.png
NonAnalogue The audiant is popular in urban areas, especially among young adults. It possesses the ability to exactly repeat any noise it hears, and so many people train it to repeat, for example, favorite songs. It subsists on ambient noise, and hence is very low-maintenance. Element: Sound

The jablend is a rare sight in Ennen's jungles. It normally stays very still and waits for prey to fall in its gaping maw. Once a victim is trapped, the jablend shreds it to death with its sharp teeth, which can move in circles around the lining of its mouth. Occasionally, it uses its prehensile tail to inject bigger prey with a special sleeping agent. It can also use its tail to swing from place to place in dire situations. Element: Plant, Metal

The sochro is almost never seen without the sundial it carries wherever it goes - not long after birth, it will find a sundial in a nearby inhabited area and steal it. Though it's small, it possesses a unique method of defense against potential predators: by changing the angle that it shines against its sundial, it can alter time itself. If it moves counterclockwise, for example, it can reverse time to a point where it is not in danger and try again. Element: Time, Light
  1. Pikachucat
    i like socho so i'll never be late for school again
    Mar 7, 2015
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