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Serena's Pokemon Adevtures: Chapter 1: Ash Ketchum

by SerenaMEW

SerenaMEW Just some of Serena and Friends' adventures... Note: Never seen in the Anime, all original work. Give cred.
My name is Serena , I live in the small town of Vaniville. In the region of Kalo's. I'm not at home much though, because I'm on a journey to become a Pokémon Master! My mother, Grace. Thought I was crazy to even bother going, she always had little confidence in me whenever it came to Pokémon...

I had just won the badge at Santalune City... It was hard but me and Fokko my Fennekin did great! I stroked Fokko's head softly, the Fire type pokemon brushed its ears and the side of its face against my leg as we walk. Then I saw him. The boy, The boy I had been hoping to see through my journey and there he was crouching down a Pikachu in front of him. I took a deep breath... My cheeks flushed and I wandered over to him, I patted him on the shoulder. "Excuse me." I squeaked, he straightened and look at me.
"Hello." He said his voice echoed in my brain and he looked down as I was staring at him. "Do you remember me?" I say shyly Fokko walking over to the Pikachu to talk.
"Um, no sorry." He frowned and looked behind him to check on his Pikachu, I looked down. My hat almost slipping from my head.
"Wait a second." He said holding my Shoulders he put one hand under my chin and lifted my face up.
"Your the girl with the straw hat!" He half yelled and wrapped his arms around my waist hugging me.
"You remember me!"
"How could I forget you?" He said gently. "The little girl lost in the forest..." He muttered.

Ash's P.O.V

Serena smiled at me, I knew who she was. I could never forget the girl that changed my point of view on life... The girl that really made me want to travel here to Kalo's. Back to the place I met my true love...


End of Chapter One...


Message me ideas and what you think should happen next?