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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Second Elimination (Clash of Friendships)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel has made it to Ever Grande Stadium, barely in time, as he struggles to win in the Second Elimination, against his best friend, Gabriel...
"Me vs Gabriel", I thought, guess we got to give it the best. "Goodluck Gabriel" I said. "Good luck to you as well, I won't go easy like the first time we battled at Poor Town" Gabriel said. "Me neither" I said as we headed for the Stadium. "Ready" Brendan said "Ready" we both said. "Uriel, go first" Brendan said. "GO Monferno" "GO Sandslash" "Let the Battle BEGIN" Brendan said. "Monferno use Grass Knot" "Sandslash use Magnitude" Monferno almost knockout Sandslash but Monferno fainted. Return, GO Cacturne use Razor Leaf, Sandslash use Magnitude. Cacturne then decided to strike down Sandslash. Return, GO Salamence use Air Slash.Salamence moved quick and stroke down Cacturne. Return, GO Medicham use Ice Punch. Medicham's speed managed him to win the battle. Return, GO Alakazam. "Both trainers have one last pokemon, let the battle begin" Brendan said. "MEDICHAM MEGA EVOLVE, ALAKAZAM MEGA EVOLVE. USE PSYCHIC, YOU TOO. Both pokemon hit hard and both almost fainted. Medicham finish this off with Ice Punch. Medicham went first and finished of Alakazam and Uriel won the match. Uriel goes to the next round, let's check the other matches" Brendan said.

"Magmar use Fire Blast" Mark said. "Sylveon use Moonblast" Sasha said. Magmar managed to beat speed and won the match. Mark goes to the next round as well.

"Braixen use Fire Blast" Melanie said. "Serperior use Leaf Storm" Holly said. Braixen managed to beat Serperior and won the match. Melanie goes to the next round as well.

Kris using a Charmeleon lost to Kristina's Starmie in the final battle of Second Elimination.

"Here are the next match ups for Third Round Elimination" Brendan

Third Round Elimination
Uriel vs
Melanie vs Kristina
Holly is also added to fight whoever wins (Uriel or Mark)