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Hawkman and Hawkgirl: Eternal: Season 1: Episode 4: The Dwarf Part One – Dwarf’s Wrath

by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? Hawkman and Hawkgirl are persuing a crime boss and haven't got many fresh leads until now, his name: The Letter.
Amos Gander works in the police force's lost and found department. He's treated very badly, being bullied by everyone in the police force so, when an opportunity comes from crime boss The Letter who offers him a chance of revenge and to make a name for himself. A great mystery unfolds.
It was early in the morning in Midway City. A large group of police officers gathered outside a small set of houses. Hawkman and Hawkgirl watched as they carried out a police raid. The man who owned the house was in an outraged but was forced to sit next to them on a wall. A bunch of police officers in grand blue uniform ran out and informed their leader. This leader was the prestigious detective Thomas Dante. "Detective Dante! We found nothing! He's clean!" The officer said to the detective.

"Nothing." Thomas Dante said to Hawkman and Hawkgirl. "There's no evidence at all to suggest he's the Letter."

"Damm." Hawkman cursed.

"And with that, I end our investigation." Dante placed his gloves on his hands.

"You can't..." Hawkgirl complained. "He's out there somewhere...writing letters to the criminal gangs...he's tying the underworld together!"

Dante said nothing. "Then we will work ourselves to find the Letter." Hawkman said strongly and that was that.

For weeks now, Midway City's police department had found letters in the homes of various thieves and criminals by a mysterious man. Experts had been called in and it had been concluded that the same person had sent these letters, judging by the handwriting and in these letters, it had been revealed this man who had written them anonymously was responsible for uniting the thieves under similar causes: to steal as much money as possible to fuel an attack on Hawkman and Hawkgirl therefore taking over the city with them gone. This raid was one of many unsuccessful raids.

A small child-sized man appeared below Thomas Dante's waist. The tiny man was a dwarf and was old with white hair around his head forming a beard with reading glasses on him. "Sir-"

"What?" Thomas looked down. "Amos? What are you doing here? Go back to your dwarf cave." Thomas produced a fist and punched him in the side.

"Ow!" Amos screamed. The police officers around him looked down upon him and laughed.

"Amos Gander? From the lost and found department? You're not needed here!" One of the police officers exclaimed. "Lost and found is never needed. Go home! Just fire him already Thomas!"

"I would...I probably should...your performance hasn't been good recently, or at all. We've missed a number of important boxes relating to the recent cases."

"But I've been working so hard I haven't had an hour of sleep at my desk! This is the first time I have been outside in ages! Gave me another chance!" Amos Gander was angry and he showed so by storming off.

The next day was a normal day for the police team. Amos sat down at his desk in an isolated part of the police department and went through the boxes and lost property, some belonging to criminals. In one of the boxes, he found a letter, which caught his eye and he read it.

Dear Mr Gander,

I have specifically sent this letter to you on grounds that you would make an excellent co-partner. I have many colleagues who are in the business already and we have made a staggering amount of money, 7 million dollars’ worth. This was mainly taken from Midway City bank and shiploads of diamonds from one of the jewellers. Our plight is to expose the truth of the false media and the lies and deceit the police force has become. My colleagues have been spying on you and see how you are being mistreated, as are hundreds of ex-officers and members of the public. Join me and you can teach them a lesson, you can get your revenge. And you can sit back and relax knowing you'll never be found out. All you have to do is send each box and each lost property to the said locations I I'll send to you in more letters, just stamp them off and you are done. Write back when you are certain about your thoughts. I thank you for reading this and your open mindedness.

Yours Sincerely,

The Letter.

Amos wasn't sure of the letter. He saw it as an opportunity but he did not act yet. A group of officers came in to check on Amos. These men were all regulars Amos had seen: Barry Barnes, Henry Morrison, Steven Cranberry, George Arkon. They took one look at Amos and ran at him like they always did.

Barry Barnes with his big muscles picked Amos up. "Little mouse!" He yelled as he slammed Amos onto the floor.

"Please stop!" Amos cried.

Henry and Steven started punching Amos into the face. "Criminals got away today because you didn't get the packages over today." Henry yelled.

"Stop punching me aaah!" Amos screamed. "I was left on my own, I couldn't carry them!"

"That's no excuse. Oh wait, I forgot, you're a dwarf...you don't know how to pick things up. You're all stupid, weak and useless!" George bullied the dwarf. He grabbed Amos and shoved him against the wall next to his desk. The four of them then made a run for it and Amos was left on the floor bruised.

He sat there. Eventually, Amos's best friend Simon Atwell, not too intelligent, but he was always loyal and friendly to Amos. "You alright?" Simon asked.

"Yes, just about." Amos replied.

"I've got a present for you to help you." Simon said. He handed Amos a box.

Amos opened the box to find a set of children's clothes and toys. There was a jack in the box which popped out and hit Amos's face. "I thought..." Amos looked at Simon to see the autistic man laughing away. "This is not funny!" Amos shouted, his face full of rage. Suddenly Barry, Henry, Steven and George popped out from behind the door.

"You really got him good there!" Steven exclaimed. The five of them surrounded Amos and were laughing at the top of their voices. Amos was surrounded, by nightmares.

They eventually did move away but it had been an exhausting day for Amos. He was eventually alone when Amelia Wright, a female police officer and Amos's crush appeared to him. The two of them were talking in a very friendly manner. They went to a restaurant and had a meal with each other before returning to the police station.

"That was a good night. You were funny." Amelia complimented Amos. Her voice was Eastern European.

"Thanks." Amos blushed. It had taken a long time to get here.

"We should do this again some time..."

"I have work...I'm very busy normally..."

"You don't seem busy...maybe you should quit to focus on me."


"Go for it. Haha." She laughed.

"No...I mean..."

"You don't love me do you? You just wanted me to show off to the others that you aren't a failure. I see. Talking to you back there, I realised that." She walked up to him and he thought she was going to kiss him but instead she slapped him across the face.

"George?!" She yelled as George Arkon appeared to hug her. "This is my real date. He's so much better than you!"

The two of them left and Amos started crying, alone in his room. He then remembered the letter. He read it again. He found another one next to it:

I have recruited a gang of dwarves who will be willing to follow you. Together we can prove that Dwarfism is no joke.

The Letter.

Amos felt better. At last there was someone he could turn to. Bullied all his life, this is what it built up to. The anger, the hatred for society growing. There was a hammer in a box sent by the Letter and a change of clothing. Amos had no choice.

Another letter was found:

When said loot is sent to the lost and found department, dispose of it by sending it to these locations:

A list of places was provided.

The criminal rings now depend on you for their survival. A number of locations have people to collect them. Others have no one and will be a red herring for the police force. Should Hawkman and Hawkgirl have a say, you will have to fight them but I will provide backup.

The Letter

"Tee-hee." Amos giggled. "Nobody will ever think of little Amos Gander as being connected with a mighty criminal ring." Amos said to himself as he stamped a box of jewels that was first on the list to a said location. "My robbers let others bring their loot to me and I dispose of them!" He stamped a package full of diamonds that had been found at a crime scene. He stamped another one that had been sent by an anonymous criminal full of dollar notes. He looked outside the window to see strangers he had never seen before taking the packages.

Amos went back to his apartment, which was the 47th one on Greek Way. Amos found another letter from the Letter outside the apartment:

Forget what I said about you having to participate. You won’t even need to lift a finger. My gang I talked earlier about is working hard.

The Letter.

That night, there was a bank robbery: a short group of men stole a number of briefcases containing high amounts of money. The police were on the scene and they had been shown reports of black masked vigilantes doing the work. A drawing of the thieves was on a board of paper. The police officers were crowded around the board discussing what they could see.

Thomas Dante marched forwards to the front. Behind him, was Hawkman and Hawkgirl. “Look here, Hawkman and Hawkgirl: the thieves! They are all short men, same height. Their leader was sighted with a large metal hammer.”

“I see.” Hawkman replied. “What are they, some sort of collective for short people?”

“At least we have an artist’s interpretation of them.” Hawkgirl spoke. “They seem very hairy. I imagine if they weren’t American, they’d have come from a Scandinavian country.”

“That’s what we were thinking.” One of the police officers said to Hawkgirl. “They apparently didn’t have American accents. Immigrants maybe wanting to make a living? It can be tough coming to this country. I would know.”

“Yes, Joseph.” Thomas Dante looked at him before giving a loud laugh. He adjusted his leather gloves nervously.

A police officer on the phone to someone dashed towards Dante. “I’ve just had a phone call from someone tipping us off…the same gang of thieves have just been spotted outside of a big tech warehouse. The reporter told us that he believes they’re going to attack the warehouse and sell all the devices for more money!”

“Let’s go.” Hawkgirl announced.

At the tech warehouse, in the north of Midway City, a group of stubby little men bashed open the door with their weapons. They were met by many different police men who fought them. Hawkman and Hawkgirl looked at the arrested mob of thieves. It looked like they had been defeated.

“Who sent you?” Thomas Dante asked firmly.

“Uh uh…we just got a tip off from the thief The Dwarf.” A scared voice screamed. Each thief was handcuffed and placed into a van.

“You’ll never guess what just happened.” Joseph approached the group. He had just been on the phone. “This robbery was just a distraction! There’s been a robbery in the local observatory! Several parts of the great big telescope have been stolen!”

Soon, everybody was in the observatory, which sat on the rocky cliffs overlooking Midway City. The telescope was in pieces. “There was only one thief.” The astronomer who sat on the seat next to the telescope told them. “He was tiny. A dwarf...just like the others who did that bank robbery!”

“Dwarves?” Hawkman was confused. “The short men who...wait…” He walked around in circles. “We arrested the people who did the bank robbery…but what if they’re not the right people…what if they were decoys so that this could happen?”

“Nonsense, that’s-“ Thomas Dante’s voice was broken by Hawkgirl’s.

“He’s right. Those men were merely short men. They weren’t what the artist’s interpretation found them to be. They should all be dwarves…”

Then there was a rustling of the door as a short man appeared in a black mask and black costume. He was a dwarf. He held a hammer and dashed forwards, hitting a number of police officers.

“Get back!” Hawkman shouted. He ran forwards and swang his mace in front of the police officers to protect them. The police officers scrambled.

“The name’s The Dwarf. I’m the biggest and baddest criminal around!” He swung his hammer again and it collided with Hawkman’s mace. The two of them duelled, until Hawkgirl struck the little man in the back with her mace. He jumped onto her mace and ran along her arm, uncontrollably. He swang his hammer at Hawkgirl and hit her on the head. She collapsed. Hawkman tried to run to help her but the Dwarf climbed onto Hawkman’s back. Hawkman took flight. It shouldn’t be this hard to defeat him, but he seemed to be a trained assassin. The Dwarf swang his hammer hard as Hawkman flew out of control into the top ceiling of the observatory. The Dwarf swung again and Hawkman’s replica wings broke. Hawkman went flying and fell to the floor. Now with a broken back, he got up again but only slightly. The Dwarf had ran out of the room faster than the Flash. The police officer Joseph managed to fire a shot from his pistol in the Dwarf’s leg.

“I got him!” Joseph jumped for joy.

“Well…done…” Dante looked at Joseph.

“Why aren’t you happy for me?” The police officer asked.

“He got away!” Thomas shouted. He looked at Hawkman and Hawkgirl. “Are you okay?”

“My head…” Hawkgirl said but was bleeding.

“We need bandages…and medical assistance for my back!” Hawkman yelled. Hawkman then noticed something sticking out from the floorboards: a metal hammer. “Dante, come and look at this!” He pointed. It was The Dwarf’s hammer.

"We've got bigger fish to fry." A police officer replied. "Guess what? There's been a murder...in this area...The Dwarf's killed someone in frustration whilst trying to get away!"

Amos Gander switched on the TV in flat 47 on Greek Way again. He saw the reports of robberies and the report about a thief called ‘The Dwarf.’ He was shocked. “That’s not me!” He cried. He looked into his box and grabbed the hammer, which was identical to the one reported to be found at the crime scene. Even the black mask concealing the eyes and the black costume was identical. Amos looked upon the photo taken of the man. He was a dwarf, just like Amos…and he had white hair and an old looking beard just like him: every part of him was identical. Amos began to think-did I just do that…or is that a look-a-like. He thought for a minute. No! He had not! Amos was right. He had not stolen from a single bank.

There was another case: a murder. The news report had a pretty woman lying down on the pavement. Amos looked in shock and horror: the woman who was dead was Amos's former girlfriend Amelia Wright. "Oh dear, what have gotten myself into?!" Amos cried, tears forming. "Amelia's dead, now, because of me..."

“He’s trying to frame me…make me seem like the big bad boss of it all…” Amos said to himself. “Well, that’s enough!” He took the costume and put it on. “I’m going to end him. I will find out where those letters are coming from…and he will be gone! No more damage to me or to the people I know!” He heard a bang on his window and turned to see a rock that had been thrown at his large glass window. Amos looked out to see a long thin man in white with a white mask. The mask had squiggles and writing on his mask. He seemed to be reading a book. He looked up as Amos and him made eye contact.

Hawkman gazed upon a new letter found by a police officer:

Dear police force, Hawkman and Hawkgirl,

You have been in persuit of me for so long. I am known to you as The Letter from our exchanges. The Dwarf’s gang was part of a plot to make as much money as possible. I know because I was in contact with him and his gang hence why this message is here. But the Dwarf is no longer one of my henchmen, he has failed me. I concede defeat. Come and find me at this address:

Apartment 47, Greek Way.

To be Continued...
The first two part episodes. Did it because the story would drag on and seem boring otherwise. I do have it all planned out.

@Mockingchu's Batman: Eternal: https://pokecharms.com/series/batman-eternal.4946/
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I'm tagging @Excalibur Queen because she's been loyal and shown interest in the series by liking each episode and I thank her for that.
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