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Sableye's diary: Sableye's diary part4

by masterball gamer

masterball gamer Part 4 of sableye's diary
I woke up early to go to poké puff shop and rehearsed what I was going to say.I wasn't sure how he was going to react, wether he was going to be amused, sorry for me,angry that I hadn't told him or taunting like the other Pokémon.It felt like hours before he Finially arrived. He sat down on the floor opposite me and waited for me to start.I think he could sense how nervous I was."I'll start from the beginning" I began." It all started from when I was about a baby I was wandering around my cavern when one day a trainer named Orlando came and asked me to join him.He told me he was in search of the strongest Pokémon, that he would become a Pokémon master one day. Flattered he thought I was strong I accepted and joined him.Months passed as Orlando pushed me past my limit, some days he pushed me too hard. As time went on I met another sableye and we had an egg but tragedy struck and after laying the egg my wife died, leaving me to care for the baby.Orlando was furious about this, he wanted me to train everyday not care for some stupid egg. So one day in the dead of night he stole my child and sold him to another trainer. After that I was angry and vowed never again to train or battle again.

I waited a while for what I had said to register. After a while he said come with me...

To be continued...