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Sableye's diary: Sableye's diary part3

by masterball gamer

masterball gamer Part three of sablye's diary
I woke up late afternoon inside Patrat's tree. As soon as I tried to sit up a searing pain shot up my right arm.as my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed a dark figure.I realised it was dusklops."da car". "I cannot express how grateful I am." I instantly blushed and hid my face."I may not be here today If you had not used that powerful move, that is nothing to be ashamed of," declared Dusclops."by the way where did you learn to use a cut that strong?"Dear diary I have a confession to make, at the start of my diary I mentioned a trainer and how cruel he was to me.Well you shall soon find out."if you really want to know then meet me outside the poké puff shop and I shall explain." Dusclops agreed looking puzzled and was about to leave when "Oh one last thing,as a final thank you I would like to give you this,"grinned Dusclops brandishing a colourful stone.I took it greatfully and examined it closer.I gasped,it was a mega stone and not just any mega stone it was a sableyenite! "I haven't seen anything like this since, since". "since what"asked Dusclops once again perplexed. "nothing nothing," I replied quickly, a little too quickly. After that I thanked Dusclops once again for the stone and he left.
  1. masterball gamer
    masterball gamer
    Yep you sure are by the way thanks for the follow:'|
    Jul 30, 2015
  2. pifchif
    in part 4 r we going to find out wat the trainer did
    Jul 30, 2015