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Sableye's diary: Sabeleyes diary part 5

by masterball gamer

masterball gamer Part five of sableyes diary
I followed Dusclops along the road still wondering what was so important that he had to show me?! He still hadn't told me how he felt after the story I told him. After a while Dusclops stopped at a tall red house, pushed open the door and walked in beckoning me to follow. We walked into a flowering living room with a boy sitting down on a lopsided sofa. "What are you doing" I hissed angrily at him. Dusclops remained still and after a while called out to the boy. The boy looked up happily and pointed into a kitchen. we walked in my patience dwindling bye the second. At last my eyes fell upon a large green spotted egg displayed proudly on a counter. No I thought, it couldn't be. At that moment Dusclops turned to me to smile."When did you figure out it was my egg" I asked. "As soon as you said it was sold I knew it had to be this egg" he replied. At that moment we hugged each other but were broken apart by a sharp cracking noise coming from the egg." Tears filled up in my eyes".