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Green Arrow: Eternal: S1E8: Digging Deep

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma After a terrible nightmare, Oliver Queen learns from his father about the family he never knew he had. Afterwards, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to help out an agent of ARGUS.
How many times had he done this exact same thing?
Oliver was running through the forest on Starfish Island - the island he had spent five years on. But occasionally, his dreams took him back to this cursed island. He felt his old handcrafted bow on his back, his arrows shaking in his quiver. Why was he running, though? He didn’t know. But he felt like stopping would be a terrible idea. So he kept running.
Finally, he broke through the line of trees. Skidding to a halt, he saw what he had been running towards. Ahead of him was the ship - the ship that the drug ring had arrived on. And standing in front of it was Isabel Rochev.
“Rochev!” Oliver shouted. He took his bow from his back and notched an arrow. “What are you doing here?!”
“Doing what I should have done long ago.” the drug dealer stated. She pulled out a gun and shot Oliver in the leg. Oliver shouted in pain. “Now we’re equal.”
“But we’ve all still got to get equal ourselves.” a voice said. Oliver’s head shot up at the voice.
“That’s Clock King to you!” Clock King exclaimed before Oliver felt himself being crushed by a heavy rock. “How’s it feel to get weighed down with something you’re the master of?”
“B-but I…!”
“You have nothing to say, Green Arrow!” Tockman shouted. Oliver then noticed he was in costume - but an extremely tattered costume at that.
Green Arrow heard gunshots. He looked over to see Naomi and Black Canary falling to the ground, Onomatopoeia behind them with his two pistols smoking.
“No!” the archer shouted out. Onomatopoeia looked at him eerily.
“Bang.” Onomatopoeia said, dropping his guns.
That’s when the Arrow saw something strange. A mysterious figure with a large spiral on his chest walked towards the archer ominously, smiling with a wide grin.
“No way out, Mr. Queen…”

Oliver sat up, breathing heavily. Lightning cracked behind him as he looked around. He was in his bedroom - safe. The alarm beside him said 4:37 AM. Wow, he was up early. And thank god that was all a dream.
Oliver decided to get up. He didn’t feel like going back to sleep after that. He’d nap in a bit. Right now, he needed a walk and a drink. Slipping on his bathrobe, he walked out into the living room. He was surprised to find the TV was on, his father watching television on it. It was a news story about events in Gotham. Apparently the head of Arkham Asylum had been found dead, supposedly commiting suicide.
“...the strangest thing is a large word written in the victim’s blood found within the office by Batman’s protege, Red Robin. It says “Scarecrow”. This station currently has no idea what this means, but it seems to be of interest to the Batman.” the reporter said before signing off.
“Oh, hello Oliver.” Robert Queen said, looking over to him.
“Hey, dad.” the inventor replied. “What are you doing up?”
“I could ask you the same.” Robert chuckled. “Couldn’t sleep. Decided to see what was on the news. You been to Gotham yet?”
“Nope.” Oliver stated. “Too busy making things for the company.”
“Ah.” the father replied, looking away. “Hey, I’m sorry about what I said a few weeks ago. About you being stupidly stubborn. I just didn’t think you had a chance.”
“I can still work that classic Queen charm.”
“True, true.” Robert stated. “Hey, Ollie? There’s actually someone I want to tell you about.”
“Who?” Oliver asked. The elder Queen got up, walking over to a bookshelf. Oliver followed. Robert then turned a photo frame around, showing a photo of Robert with a little girl. Some of the picture was torn out, and Oliver could make out the edges of a woman standing next to his dad. “Who’s this?”
“The girl? That’s my daughter.” Robert stated. Oliver turned towards his father in shock. “Your half-sister. It’s my shame to admit, but there was a period of time where I was unfaithful to your mother. Surely you remember it.”
Oliver still remembered it quite clearly. For three years, Ollie had lived with his mother. “Yeah, I do.”
“Well, during that period I had a romance with a woman named Shado.” Robert said. “We had a child. Her name is Emiko. I don’t know what happened to her. I felt bad for Moira, and realized that I still truly loved her. I told this to Shado, and she left with Emiko. I’ve yet to see her again.”
“Ah.” Oliver replied. “I hope I get to meet her someday.”
“It’s not likely, but maybe.” Robert stated. “I hope you do, too.”

Oliver and Naomi waved goodbye to Henry as he packed up and headed out. The trio had spent some good time at work, but the shift was over now. This meant it was time for the Green Arrow to get to work.
“I’ll get the tech set up.” Naomi stated, walking over to one of the computers. “You ready to go?”
“In just a minute. Need to use the bathroom.” Oliver stated. He went up to the seventh floor, as that was the nearest bathroom. After taking a piss, he walked out… to hear a strange sound. It sounded like a bow being fired. Oliver creeped along the wall, trying to find the source of the sound. His eyes opened wide as he saw Arthur King with a longbow, firing into a target. It was a bow similar to his own.
Arthur thought he heard something, and looked around. That was Oliver’s sign to get out of there before he was spotted. He made tracks downstairs to suit up.

Green Arrow was out on his typical patrol, swinging around Star City. Lion was checking the police scanners, and so far nothing new was happening.
“Quiet night tonight.” Lion stated.
“Good to hear. After the whole Clock King ordeal, I deserve a break.” Green Arrow sighed.
That was when the archer noticed Black Canary driving her motorbike, a man on the rear seat.
“Looks like the pretty bird’s out tonight.” the bowman smiled, swinging after her.
“Wonder what’s up. You’re not just going after her for a date, are you?”
“No, of course not!” the Emerald Archer defended himself, soaring across the area.

“We should be good here, Mr. Diggle.” Black Canary said, skidding the motorbike to a halt inside an alleyway.
“Thanks for this.” the dark man responded. “I’ve got some important intel here that can’t be wasted. Got to get this to ARGUS immediately.”
“About that. Mind telling me what ARGUS is, exactly?” Black Canary asked.
“Would if I could. Sorry, songbird.”
“Aw, c’mon. I’m curious, too.” Green Arrow stated, dropping down. The man was shocked, but Black Canary only smiled.
“Heya, handsome.” Black Canary stated.
The archer blushed at this, turning away so that his hood covered his blush. “So whatcha doing out here? And for the record, who’s this guy?”
“This man is John Diggle.” the blonde bombshell said.
“Black Canary’s helping me escape from a group of assassins sent to kill me.” Diggle explained. “I’ve got important information to relay to my boss. Government business.”
“Then how about I help out?” Green Arrow offered. “Two superheroes is better defense than one. Plus, if there’s assassins in my city, I want them out as soon as possible.”
“I’d really appreciate it-” Diggle was saying when suddenly the nearby lights cut out. The archer took out his bow and notched an arrow while Black Canary went into a fighting stance and Diggle took out two pistols, turning off the safety.
Suddenly, a masked gunman appeared from around the corner. He fired a machine gun towards the trio. Green Arrow tackled Canary and Diggle to the ground, the latter of which fired shots straight into the gunman’s chest. Not killing him, just wounding. Another assassin dropped down from the roofs, the Arrow shooting an incendiary arrow into his gun before he hit the ground. Black Canary kicked the man so hard he flew a few feet back. Three machine gun nozzles pointed out of three windows in the alleyway, aiming at all sides of the trio. Ollie fired off an arrow at one of the attackers, which exploded. The other two were unable to stop Diggle and Canary from running behind the bike, which deflected the shots. Diggle shot one of the snipers in the shoulder with a precision gunshot while the archer took out the last one with a knockout arrow. That was the last gunman.
“Thanks a bunch.” Diggle said with a sigh, standing up. “I didn’t want to risk taking them out on my own.”
“No problem.” the Arrow stated. “So you able to make it to where you need to be on your own?”
“I’ll escort him just in case.” Black Canary replied. “I can handle it on my own. You’ve got a patrol to do anyways, don’t you?”
“I’ve alerted the police, by the way.” Lion said.
“Great, thanks.” the bowman replied. “Hey, pretty bird. If you want, maybe tomorrow we could have a rendezvous and chat a bit? We seem to work well together, after all.”
“Does the pier work at about this time?” Black Canary asked.
“It’s a date.” the archer smiled at her. Canary smiled back before hopping on her bike with Diggle and driving off. Happy, Green Arrow pulled himself back up into the rooftops, going back to his patrol.

“Waller. I’m back.”
“Did you get the files?”
“They were destroyed, but I memorized the contents and have photos on the USB in my boot.”
“Good. You’ve done well, Agent Diggle. Rest for now. Task Force X will handle the rest.”

Yes, I somehow managed to get one of these out while on vacation. *light of pride emanates*
The DC: Eternal Universe is expanding, which I'm super hyped about! Whenever a new DC:E series comes out, I'll tag it like I normally do Mockingchu's. Speaking of which, the series is out of hiatus and nearing its Season 2 finale, which is gonna be epic! Read it here: https://pokecharms.com/series/batman-eternal.4946/
This episode was moreso about character than plot. That's coming next time! Stay tuned for the next part of Green Arrow: Eternal, whenever it comes out!
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