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Lost History: Route Two

by Lost Souls

Lost Souls Alice is definitely new to the cold beauty of a snowy winter. Enjoying everything, she decides to truly take her time on route Two and take everything in.
In Hoenn, there isn't really a winter. It's always warm if not hot. Before moving to Unova I had only seen snow in pictures, so experiencing it in person was amazing. The thick blanket if white covering fields and bushy evergreens. The smell of pine warming my senses.
I was definitely taking my time traversing route two, enjoying the cold on my face. I may have been shivering, but I was happy.
'Child? What is your imagination with this weather?' The voice asked as I walked into a large field. 'I do not understand it.'
Shrugging I knelt down, carefully balling the snow in my hands.
"Hey! Alice, what are you up to?" Bianca called, tilting her head as she ran up. "I saw you a bit back but. Have you never seen snow before?"
Shaking my head I chuckled, pausing temporarily as a chill ran down my spine. Both Blue Bell's ball and the Red Orb in my bag had warmed up, but it wasn't really helping.
"Tepig, let's help warm her up. Ember!" She called, sending out the small pig. Tepig grunted lightly in protest but stopped when it noticed me. The chill had really set and part of me was regretting being as slow as I was without snow pants or a less secret fire type.
"Hey, let's get you to the Pokemon center." She suggested gently wrapping an arm around my waist.
"How in the world did you get hit?" It was the Red Man, he had sounded so concerned.
I was sitting on a hospital bed, a large scar in my chest the only remainder of the severe tissue damage. I didn't remember much of what happened, so I shrugged.
"Sorry, sir, I lost the asset."

"Hey! Wake up! Alice, stay with me!" Bianca hissed shocking me awake, I must have blacked out for a bit because I woke up in the Pokemon Center.
"Yeah, I'm good. How long was I out?" I asked, groaning when I noticed the large burn running down my arm. "And what happened?"
"Tepig's ember got your arm, I'll pay for new sleeves if you want. God Alice, how long were you out there?" Bianca's voice held fear and concern. Her eyes locked on my chest, it was clear she was more concerned about the old injury.
Shaking my head I let out a small sigh. I really didn't know much, if anything. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I lay against the pillow. I hated every moment of it, the fact that I couldn't remember all that much about my past, what happened in Hoenn, was driving me crazy.
It wasn't long before I slowed myself to pass out again.