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My OCs: Rossalie

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Adopted from @mochietea ~ I still love her, she's adorable -w-

Name: Rossalie Rosemary
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: September 20th
Personality: Friendly and cheerful, she's usually pretty easy to get along with. She enjoys performing with her Pokemon in contests, shopping, reading, and fangirling over cute and romantic moments. She dislikes insects and people who get angry over literally every little thing, and is scared of storms. Has a habit of pouting when embarrassed or jealous.
Pokemon: Twilight (Female Umbreon), Chester (Male Alolan Ninetales), Flicker (Male Braixen), Tina (Female Skitty), Candy (Female Zangoose)
Family: Unknown
Crush: None
Other: Bi