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Rogue Shelly

by Prologue-9

Rogue Shelly.png
Prologue-9 "Wot? Were ya' expectin' some sor' a biography? Sorey love, we hardly have the time. I'll tell ya a bit about myself tho, seein' as ya' here. Name's Shelly. The green guy's Romeo, and the li''le one's Juliet. They've had me back since I was a wee lass. Tought me ta be tough, even if I'm 19 and they act like I'm still a toddler."

(That's probably cause you're about as mature as one.)
(Hate to be devil's advocate, girly, but Julie's right. You wouldn't know right from left 'less we weren't standin' here.)

"Am too mature, Romeo! Just because I like to have a bi' of fun here and there doe'nt mean anything. Oh, right, tha's anotha thing abou' me - for wha'ever reason, I can talk to Pokemon. Ya wouldn't believe how much dough we would make if haff of everybody di'nt think I was nutty."

(That said, babycakes might be just a bit nutty - girl can talk for hours. Fell on her head a couple times while we were trainin' in the jungle.)

"Oh wha'eva Romeo, you know wot I mean."

(It's true. It makes us really amazing when it comes to battle, but...most of our battling might not be the most 'legal' way of doing it. A lot of how we make enough money to survive comes from either thieving or what's basically mercenary work. It can be fun, but Shelly gets really tired of it after a while.)

"When tha' happens, we take a break for a couple o' weeks or months and make it off the land. When we awen't just hangin' around and takin' it easy, I like to mess with trainers an' groups I see walkin' by. There's nothin' like a good prank to get a girl going!"

(We play along so long as it's not hurt'in anyone. Anything to make our girl happy. That, and I get a laugh out of a little chaos every now and then too.)

(Of course, if anything goes TOO far I make sure to put a stop to it, and punish her accordingly. We might not be able to teach her discipline, but SOMEONE's gotta be the moral adult in our band of misfits.)

"Oh please, Juliet. When you get hungry and tha' big maw o' yours starts to slobber, I wouln't exac'ly call you--"

(Okay, that's all the time we have! We have a busy day today!)

Romeo the Sceptile
Juliet the (Mega) Mawile
Merci the Hariyama
Tabitha the Clefable
Midna the Gothitelle
and Ridley the Aerodactyl