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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Three (The Secret)

by Fishykarp

Fishykarp Aidan and Angel participate in their Second Test. A secret is uncovered, and a new one is created.
The next morning, after breakfast, Aidan and Angel were sent to David’s office for their next task. Will and Sebastian were already inside. “Today’s test will differ for the two groups” explained David “As Sebastian’s fiery nature could prove fatal in the test I had prepared”
“Oh what!?” Seb complained “That's not fair!”
“We can’t have you killing out star prisoner can we?” David asked “And Aidan and Angel have already had some… experience with this particular person”
“No way!” Aidan whispered to Angel “if we are doing what I think we are doing…”
“I hope we’re not” replied Angel “Now be quiet”
“Will and Seb will be capturing a Pokemon, we have excess Buterfree and Beedrill due to the wonderful work of two of our operatives, so you will be capturing some of them” David explained “And Aidan and Angel will be interrogating our newest prisoner, Amy”
“Amy?” asked Will “As in Amy, Aide of Pine? She is here? A prisoner”
“To answer Will’s questions, yes she is” David said “Now come with me, you two. Seb and Will stay here”

As Aidan and Angel walked to the interrogation room, they turned to David. “So we are seriously going to interrogate, and maybe torture someone, on our second day?” Aidan asked “Doesn't that seem a bit excessive?”
Eventually they reached the interrogation room. It was a dimly lit room, with only a single chair in the very middle, as well as one on the corner. There was a rack of torture devices on one wall, which Aidan hoped that he wouldn't have to use.
David sat down on one the corner chair and motioned towards the middle on. Amy was sitting on the chair, her hands tied behind her back. She was still wearing her clothes from yesterday, but they were covered in mud. Her hair was a mess and she didn't seem to notice that they were there.
“Do your worst” she said “Oh hey it’s you guys”
“Yea” said Aidan “So we are meant to extract some kind of information from you”
“I’ll never speak” Amy said “Ever”
“Please” said Angel “I don't want to have to…” she looked towards the torture devices.
“David?” asked Aidan “What are we meant to… get from her?”
“The locations” David replied “Of the three Legendary Birds”
Amy looked up immediately “No! You must never get those!”
“You know where they are?” Aidan asked “Where?”
“We need them” David said “To put our leader’s master plan in action”
“Master Plan?” asked Angel
“Oh no!” David said “I said too much! Get out! Now!”

As Aidan and Angel left the room, they bumped into Will, who was walking around the cell suspiciously. Will saw Aidan and dragged him into a side-corridor
“Amy” Will asked “Is she in there?”
“Yes…” replied Aidan “Why? Do you know her”
“Can I trust you?” asked Will
“Yes” Aidan said “I think”
“My name isn’t really Will” Will admitted “I am truly Agent Seer of the International Police. My colleagues are planning a breakout tonight, for I am on Night Guard”
“So why tell me?” asked Aidan “You could be ruining your chances”
“My “Teammate” Seb, is too aggressive, and would raise the alarm” Seer explained “Can I get your help? And do you have any information we could use?”
“Well I shouldn't be telling you this…” Aidan said “But the Rocket Leader is looking for the three Legendary Birds to aid his Ultimate Plan”
David’s voice boomed over the intercom “Will, Seb, report to my office so we can discuss your mission”
“Thank you” Seer said “Tell nobody of this”
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