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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter 13 (The Moon Stone)

by Fishykarp

Fishykarp After a long wait, it's back
Aiden and co take a slight detour on the way to the peak of Mount Moon, and battle a Clefable for control over the moon stone.

“Hey David” Angel’s voice broke the bored silence that had befallen the group “Couldn’t you just teleport us to the peak? It’s obvious you know where it is, you’ve been leading us so well so far”
David shook his head “Your short detour has given me an idea” he explained “You placed us not too far from a certain area I’ve attempted to conquer multiple times, to no avail”
“Couldn’t you teleport us THERE?” Angel once again complained, “We’ve been walking for an hour!”
Aiden checked his watch, “seventeen minutes actually”
David shook his head again, “I tried that last time” he sighed “too many things that could go wrong, I only have once chance. You’ll see”

“What is it exactly?” Seer inquired, “What are we going to see?”
“And why do you only have one chance?” asked Aiden
David stared, “it is a LONG story, have you ever heard of moon stones?”
Seer nodded, “sure, rocks that make Pokemon evolve.”
David smiled, “exactly,” he said, “they normally get their power depleted after one use, however I have discovered one such stone in Mount Moon that never loses its power. The cave it is in is normally sealed, however once a month the Clefairy unseal it, for their evolution ritual. It is said to give immense power, and from what I’ve seen of the Pokemon that use it, they’re right.”

“Why didn’t you just get the other admins to help you?” asked Angel
David shook his head once again, “no, they mustn’t know about the stone.”
Before any of them could ask more, the cave was lit up by a bright flash.
“Here it is,” whispered David, as the group crept forwards. The cave was filled with a dozen Clefairy and another dozen Cleffa, surrounded by a large stone. The Moon Stone.

“That Clefable, it harnesses the Moon Stone’s power,” David explained as they watched the two dozen pink Pokemon dance around stone, “the Clefairy will evolve into Clefable, and begin mentoring the Cleffa to become Clefairy, ready for the next month’s ritual.”
Seb nodded, interested, “I’m assuming you want us to take out the Celfable, so we can get the rock, right?”

“Hold on,” Angel paused, “how are we meant to get the moon stone from here back to HQ”
“It’s not going to HQ,” David said, “don’t worry though, I have everything planned.”
“O… kay,” Seer said, releasing Butterfree from his Pokeball, “how do we go about this?”
“Alright,” David said, “here’s the plan, we need to…"

Meanwhile, in another part of the cave
“Goddammit Amy, when’s the break?” complained Aspen, “these two have literally been arguing for… nineteen minutes. Some food should shut them up”
“He’s just mad that I stole the victory from him!” Scott laughed
“Your victory? I did all the damage!” Sam argued
“Well you had a four times type bonus!” Scott shouted
“Please. Shut. UP!”

“NOW!” shouted David, as Seer and Seb burst from the corner, their Pokemon behind them. Beedrill surged forwards and began attacked, jabbing at the Celfairy, disrupting their ritual.
The Clefable lifted its right arm, pointing it at Beedrill, but Butterfree’s string shot wrapped around it’s arm, pulling it to the side. The Moonblast that shot out of Clefable’s hand created a massive hole in the wall. Seer paled, this would be a long battle.
The Clefable swing her hand around, slamming Butterfree into the other wall and using her other hand to charge another Moonblast.

At that moment, Aiden’s Eevee charged, knocking the Clefable off balance and almost knocking it off the moon stone, causing the moonblast to hit somewhere on the roof, causing a sizable chunk to fall off.
“She’s holding back,” David mused.
“WHAT?” asked Angel

Beedrill charged again, only for Clefable to fire another moonblast, speeding towards Beedrill with no way to stop it. “Beedrill, watch out!”
The moonblast sped forwards into the Bee Pokemon, which barely flinched as they hit and-

“WOW!” Scott shouted, taking a bite into a muffin, “These are great! You have to tell me where you got them!”
“I know, right?” Sam said, “best food I’ve tasted in weeks!”
“I told you so,” Aspen said, taking a bit out of her own muffin. “There’s nothing better to solve problems than food.”
Amy laughed, “I guess so.”
Then, the cavern they were in began rumbling, causing Sam to drop his muffin. “Fu-“
“Hey,” said Amy, “what was that?”

Angel looked around desperately, Butterfree and Eevee were getting nowhere, and Beedrill was near unconscious on a wall. “Sylveon!” she shouted, “Moonblast!”
The Clefable’s attention was turned to her, as the moon stone began pulsing. The two Pokemon simultaneously fired massive beams of energy.

As the Pokemon battled, Sylveon’s beam began making plenty of ground, pushing until it had almost hit the Clefable.
“Beedrill!” Seb shouted, going towards it, “get up, help Angel-“
He paused, noticing a Cleffa standing at his feet, angrily hitting it.
“Why you little,” Seb started, pulling his foot back, preparing to kick

“Seb!” David shouted, “no!”
Seb kicked the Cleffa, and instantly the Clefable’s head turned to Seb, her eyes turning red. “CLEFABLE!”
The moonblast intensified, and almost instantly overtook Sylveon’s, knocking it back.
Then, the Clefable began launching more Moonblasts, destroying the whole Cavern, even the Clefairy and Cleffa began to run.
“The moon stone!” shouted David, “Alakazam!”
The aforementioned Pokemon teleported behind Clefable, only for the latter to turn around and blast it to the wall. Eevee burst out from under the ground and attacked using Swift from behind Clefable, to not much effect, only maddening the Pokemon more. It turned around and threw Eevee into the heap where the other three Pokemon had already fallen.

The Clefable stepped off of the Moon Stone, charging one last moonblast. But then, she felt all the energy drain from her, and turned to see the moon stone gone. David standing behind her, smiling, Alakazam teleporting back from David’s secret storage facility.
Before David had any more time to revel in his victory, the cave began rumbling, and all the trainers ran out of the cave, returning their Pokemon to their Pokeballs. The only Pokemon left in the cave was the Clefable, too tired to move.
David looked back into the cave, as it collapsed. Smiling as the Clefable struggled to stand, and was buried under piles of rocks.

Meanwhile, Amy’s team were packing up from their break, when a single Cleffa approached them.
“Whoa, a Cleffa!” Sam said
“Of course Sam would like a cute pink thing!” laughed Scott
“Hush you two,” whispered Aspen, “there’s a boot mark on this thing’s head.”
The Cleffa looked up at the trainers, a terrified expression on her face.
“Aww, you must be so scared in these big caves alone,” Amy said, “do you wanna come with us?”
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