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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Stardust And MoonMist: Rescue Requests Galore!

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions In this chapter, Team Cookies n' Cream get lots of rescue requests, a new friend area, and a new recruit!
~Kokoro's P.O.V.~
The next morning, Kira made us some breakfast. It was very delicious! As I took a bite of a chocolate-coated Pecha Berry with powdered sugar, I thought of Ember and Bubbles. I hope they like their new friend areas. I thought. Then I looked at Cookie, who's too busy eating a glazed chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles, rainbow chocolate chips, chocolate chips. coconut shavings, triple chocolate shavings, and powdered sugar. Then with a full mouth, she said,

"Hey, Kokoro! Try this Sitrus juice with sugar! It's a bit sour, but you'll get used to it!"

I took a sip and made a happy face. Kira used Psychic as she raised the food to her mouth. Then Ember and Bubbles ran towards us, smiling brightly with a stack of rescue requests.