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Realm of Distortion:-Giratina's Awakening

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Sup guys it's been a really long time since I've done a work so yeah hope u guys like it and

We shall begin.........
The breeze flows through the ebony sky as the Kanto Mountains hum with an eerie sound . Prof.Oak's lab filled with guards and test experiments , hidden in the range of the winter tundra.The guards,patrolling day and night , hour to hour , step closer to the experiment room.Their lack of attention could mean anyone could just break into the hidden lab.Malcolm walks into the room with a pungent smell with "certain" parts of homunculus and the rotten smell of wood and musty paper."Let's move in, it's safe." whispers Malcolm.The floor cracks and the door then suddenly topples onto the ground and the experiments shake vigorously.Then , a sudden force swipes the guards off the ground and the guards are shaken like a ragdoll . The force stops and a wind with a rambunctious screech knocks out the guards in a go . The force then turns into a physical form with shadowy dark giant wings and a golden carapace glimmers as a the physical formed being screeches with absolute despair and hatred as the whole lab literally crumbles to the ground and the lab is "covered up" with the shadow of the physical formed being.Kanto is not safe but neither the other regions are safe from this ominous tyrant.

November 29th 2014

The people of Eteria City clamor and mutter as the news spreads but also leading to Prof.Oak's reputation which would be destroyed anyways . Eteria City , the biggest city in all of the Pokemon world which is situated in Kanto , then spreads the news to Hoenn , Sinnoh and all the other regions.In this period of time , the Police Force of Hoenn set up a huge parameter across the regions and pledged to find the tyrant . Even with effort and machinery , it was not enough for them to capture the abomination . They soon gave up but of course any cliché story must have a hero or at least the story goes.

"Hey Prof.Sam!!Wait up!"shouted Cedric , the new International Pokemon League Champion . "Yes , Cedric."said Prof.Sam , Prof.Oak's successor to replace him when he died."You hear about the news?!"questioned Cedric."You mean the "ominous tyrant"?" questioned Prof.Sam."Yea , that one!"said Cedric."What do you think we should do about it."said Cedric."I don't think we can do anything about it."said Prof.Sam."Of course we can,!"We're the most elite guys in all of the Pokemon World!"claimed Cedric . "(chuckles)I wouldn't say "the most elite guys" but even then we can't because we don't even know anything about it."said Prof.Sam with a grinding tone."Well,true that."said Cedric . "But,we should try something."said Cedric with a worried tone."From what the news says , it's an "ominous tyrant" which could possibly mean its a legendary Pokémon." said Prof.Sam with a cheerful tone."Yeah , I guess."said Cedric . "So we should start at Silph.Co and talk with Fuji."said Prof.Sam . "Dr.Fuji!?Wasn't he evil?"questioned Cedric. "Thanks to Mewtwo actually."said Prof.Sam."Mewtwo , what did it do?"questioned Cedric . "It actually drived Fuji crazy about Mewtwo and finding Mew , the "birth giver" of Mewtwo ," " Then Fuji realized that Mewtwo had escaped Silph.Co and he searched everywhere but there were no traces of Mewtwo," " Fuji then gave up and lost his precious genetic tyrant , " " But , who knows?That "ominous tyrant" could be Mewtwo itself!"said Prof.Sam with a strange tone."Maybe , I should try find Mewtwo," " He could go back to Fuji anyways."said Cedric."I don't think you get it."said Prof.Sam."Why?"questioned Cedric with a curious voice."Never mind."said Prof.Sam."Well then , we should be headed to Silph.Co you know."said Prof.Sam."Ok then."said Cedric.

The two set off to the new giant Silph.Co placed in Eteria City which holds all the rich industries of Kanto and Sinnoh . They finally arrive in the city after a tiring 5 hour journey from Celadon City . They walk up into the grand hall of Silph.Co and take the elevator to reach to Fuji .

November 29 2014 , 8:00 p.m.

"Hey,Fuji!"clamored Cedric."Yes , Cedric."replies Fuji with a raspy tone."How do you know me?!"questioned Cedric."You're World Champion , of course I know you."said Fuji."Hello Fuji."said Sam with a happy tone."Hello , Sam"said Fuji with a grin."So , actually we met you to talk about this conspiracy."said Sam."Oh , that crap."says Fuji with a sneaky chuckle."It's all just a hoax , nothing happened."said Fuji."What do you know?"questioned Sam."Of course there's no such thing as a tyrant which can blow a whole building down and cause a deathly screech , sounds like a damn hoax!"clamors Fuji."These are legendaries we're talking about!"says Cedric."I don't believe in "legendary"!"shouts Fuji,"You're just saying that because you're too broken about Mewtwo , right."says Sam."W---h-at!?............."says Fuji with a pause."There are such things as legendaries , like the events that took place in Hoenn and the earthquake in Kalos ."says Cedric."Well , fine , you're right."says Fuji regrettingly."So , what do you want?"questioned Fuji."What do you think this legendary is?"questions Sam."Well , I would say some legendary among the Influence of Humans."said Fuji."Influence of Humans?"questions Cedric."They're Azelf , Mesprit and Uxie."said Fuji."Those small legendaries!?No way."clamors Sam."You people said that any legendary can do anything so it's a guess."replies Fuji."Hmmmmmm , maybe among the Wisdom and Emotion?!"clamors Sam. "You mean Dialga and Palkia?"says Cedric."Yes , them."says Cedric."Maybe , just maybe , ...............Giratina."says Fuji with a dark tone."No , it cant be.She's still in sleep , right."says Sam."Anyone could have just awakened her."said Fuji."But nothing can break the seal."says Cedric."Only Lance or Oak knows how to awaken her."says Fuji."But it all seems true it could be Giratina , only she can screech with true despair and hatred."says Sam.

The duo plan to set off for Sinnoh to meet Baba Manji , a famous jungle priest who lives in the high jungle and (probably) foresees everything.She has wisdom and emotion and some people even call her the "Pedestal of Dialga and Palkia".They fly with Staraptor to the chilly high hills of Sinnoh and their journey begins with a bang.