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Reading On (Pokemon FanFiction)

by TheJammieDogger

TheJammieDogger (NOPE, I'll use this as a small authors note, for the chapters next, if that's okay.)
'Nya' Says the Neko. That's the only thing it would say.

Amy, a swordfighter, lives the loner life. She has no companions, nor friends, but she has her blades. This girl is a Ninja, the top ninja, who has powers of pokemon herself. She lives with her Katana, her blade. Her only friend. But she was abandoned by her real mother at the age of __,so they say. But the one who adopted her was a pokemon. A Pokemon. It had left. For eternity?

Neko lives a secretive life, with no mother or father. No one to protect her. But she knew why. A few days after she had hatched, she had gone into hardcore training, making her 'Titania' for fists? For beauty? Here she was wanting to meet the one and only real princess of Gekkou. Here she is in the forest of Gekkou. She had hated humans. They destroyed her family. Everything about humans is terrible. She hated it. She hated them. The poor kitten is now an outlaw, being beaten up, and lives in the forests of the region : Gekkou, but she has to hide her skills. To fight. (xD a bit LONG)
(Quick Authors note, This was originally on Wattpad, so if you like, you can read it on there.)

C H A P T E R 1 ~ G E K K O U R E G I O N

No one's POV

Amy looked at the rushing river. Her skyish blue hair was exactly the same colour, as she drew her katana. Oh how she missed her mentor. (Sachiko-San, Gecko-sensei...). A tear fell from her eyes, as she looked down. Amy lived the loner life, and no-one liked her. She could be recognized as a outlaw, and yet she did nothing wrong. She ate berries and herbs. She even had the blood of a pokemon. But she was still looking like a human. She was immortal. But if she couldn't die,how come her adoptive parents did, you might ask? Because of that stupid pokemon Ranger. They bring Justice to the world, apparently. Footsteps, she could hear. There were voices too. Lots and lots.

"Shut. Up." She could hear.


(So a pokemon is with those humans.....)

She was a human child with the blood of a Greninja. And she was a Frogadier. A ninja, oh so strong. A blade of black caught her eyes.

"Hey, guys a human is here!" The boy with black hair yelled. Beside him was a child, around 8 years old, with fair black hair, like his. Not just that, but their was another girl, with sky blue shoulder length hair. Amy jolted up, raising her jump, about to make an escape, but was cut off by a shockingly scary Electro ball

'Electrical pokemon are dangerous for your health.. Stay away, child!' Sachiko - San said, as she launched a move that only she and Amy could use.

"Water lock!" she commanded, causing purple water to surround the ranger. It closed in, almost knocking him out....But he stood his ground...

Almost instant by, the swordsman fell to the ground, as her Katana fell out. River blue hair covered her face so maybe she'll couldn't be identified so easily. Even though she was known by everyone, yet wanted as the solo ninja. Or Titania, as they call her.

"T-T-Titania!" The girl with sky blue hair gasped, as she put her hands over her mouth.

"Who's Titania, Melody?" The girl who looked around eight years old or possibly younger asked, innocently. Melody, so she was called, giggled uncertainly.

"The... Ninja of the river.... She's known for both her beauty and skill...'' Melody murmured dreamily. (It seems that I am like a model to this.... This human. She seems okay....) 'Titania' thought, smiling faintly.

" Pikachu! You shouldn't hurt her, Melody says it's safe!"The young child said, stating right into the worst of worst electric types, with a glare. The coal black haired boy shot the young girl 'the look', which shut her up.

"By the way, I'm Mayu, and this is Satoshi! But, you can call him Ash everyone else does!" Mayu smiled, "Oh and that is Melody! She's awesome ate battling, and is stronger than big bro!" Mayu smirked at her brother.

"My name... You ask?--" She was about to say my name but was cut off by a giggle.

"You are Amy Gekkou, princess of Gekkou and... Oh I forgot the words!" Melody butt in, smiling wildly.

"You're famous in camp! Bet Yuii would want to know that I met you!!" Mayu blurted out. (I should join these... humans. Scratch that idea, there's a Pikachu...)