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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Rafael, the Legendary Incubus, Part 2

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 7th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! #summercamp15
He looked at his little princess with a smile; if she was here now, then why not? He asked, “Sara? What are you doing here?”

Sara looked horrified, and gave the only answer she could have given. “What do you mean? This is my house!”

The same man evilly cackled as he pointed to her. “Your house?” He started walking towards her; rather it was more of a fast paced walk, licking his lips.

Sara was horrified. Was this the person that dad was so worried about? Sara thought to herself, If I wasn’t so idiotic, this wouldn’t have happened! If I could only grow up… Sara started running from Rafael, to no avail. He finally caught up to her.

Rafael smiled, as he grabbed her arms, and put them in the air with one arm. “Come here, my princess.”

Sara screamed, as she didn’t know what to do! She tried kicking the man, but as hard as she tried to aim for that part, she couldn’t. He started unbuttoning her shirt slowly; until a sword pierced his back.

“Get away from her!” Rafael screamed in agony, as he let go of Sara. Sai grabbed Sara from his dirty clutches, and started to run, for a bit, and hugged her tightly.

Once he was done with his hug, he buttoned Sara’s shirt. “I told you not to go to town! I was so worried!”

Sara wiped the silent tears from his face. “I-I’m sorry father.”

“I’m going to put this man in the castle jail, and then send him to the authorities. I don’t want to see the blood, or anything, so you should go to your room. Cecil should be there waiting for you.”

“Alright. I just want to tell you; I love you father.” She started running to her room.

“I love you too Sara.” Sai now turned his glance to Rafael, who was evilly cackling away. After he finally got up, he lunged himself at Sai, with a steel sword of all sorts.

He screamed, “It’s been 10 years!”

Sai blocked his attack, and tried to hurt him with a slash. “And? “

“You deserve to die; you bastard! I wasn’t able to leave that castle for 10 years! 10 whole years!”

Sai now blocked his attack, which was a thrust. “How is that my fault!?”

“You’re the one who decided to go on vacation when you know you can’t! The whole kingdom is waiting for you! We need you!”

“Why me? I thought you were doing just fine in the kingdom with me on vacation!”

“You know how much land we lost due to these humans in the war? And did you know how hard it was without you leading us?!”

Sai’s eyes rose in curiosity. “How much did we lose?”

“Fort Aelhaven was taken, along with the town. “

Sai snickered at the thought, “That’s a major city. How is everyone there doing?”

“ I evacuated everyone just in time, but now that the humans hace entrances to our ports, they can attack us at any moment. We’ve gotten our spies into the knights, and the reason they’re not advancing is that they’re waiting for you. But we were waiting for you as well. We thought you would come as a savoir at the end of the war, but it seems you’re with a human girl!”

Sai raised his voice, and tried to strike him with another thrust. “Her name is Sara!”

Rafael blocked the thrust, and stopped attacking. “And it seems that she thinks you’re human! When I saw her at first in the castle, I thought she was your slave! Turns out, you’ve been treating her like a d-daughter! ” He dropped his sword, as his anger finally melted into sadness.

“My slave?” Sai chuckled. “She’s growing up with humans, so it was best that we taught her human ways.”

“But what happens when she grows up? She’ll find out!”

“I want to stay with her until she dies, but if that does happen, then she’ll marry, like other humans and then slowly forget about us.” He put his sword away.

“When will you return to the kingdom!? We need you to harden your heart so we can destroy these humans off our territory! There’s been so much havoc; it’s hard to deal with it all!”

“I’ll return when it comes time.”

There were now silent tears on Rafael’s cheeks, and they weren’t stopping anytime soon. “When is that?”

Sai put his fist in the air, and then proceeded to raise 5 fingers from that clenched fist. “Give me 5 years.”

He screamed in revolt “5 years is too much!”

“5 years, or, I will never return and return as king.”

“ 5 years from today, it is. If you don’t return in five years, I will come back myself and hunt you down myself. And since you have no heir, it would be best to return as soon as possible. No-one knows who might start a revolt.”

“If they fear me, they wouldn’t even think to start a revolt. I’ll eventually find out, and go back. Who would dare start a revolt anyway?” He covered his mouth, knowing that he might receive a punishment from speaking ill–mannered in front of his lord. Sai started to walk away from the garden, and Rafael started to follow him.

There was silence until they were in one part of the castle that Sai never wanted to use; the jail. This room was filled with dust and just about everything rotten. “Everyone is confused about why you picked me as a replacement.”

“Well, because I wanted to punish you for leaving every time I needed you to report to me.”

Rafael was dumbfounded. “That was it?”

Sai sighed. “Well, there was more to it, but if you want, you can tell everyone that you found me.”

Rafael smiled, was this the end of his lord’s vacation? “Really?”

“Yes, but on one cause. Tell them I’m on vacation, and I am in no mood in seeing anyone, and my location will remain a secret until I return.”

“Once I re-enter the castle, I cannot visit you, so who shall visit you then?”

He smiled. “Your wife, of course.”

Rafael started to get worried, “Why her? Sire, that’s the last person that should visit you!”

“Now that you think about it, I shouldn’t have let her out of the castle either, but nonetheless, you’re the only two people who know how to keep secrets.” Sai started to chuckle at his mistake.

“I’m just a person who looks after the incubus, I’m just another no-one compared to you!”

“Well, you’re something to me. One of my knights that I look for, to annoy, to fight, and to make my day, every day.”

“Sire, I keep the kingdom in stable shape until you return!”

“Well said. Now get in there.” He pushed Rafael in a prison cell.

He looked at the prison cell with disgust. “Why?”

He chuckled. “I want to tell my daughter that you’re my prisoner.”

“Y-your prisoner! So I’m not going to the castle?”

He slapped the stupid incubus. “If you could only listen to the rest of my plan you would understand. You’re so hot-headed, I thought that leaving you would make you change, but then again, I guess not. Now, may I continue?” The incubus nodded in approval.

“Now, you will escape in about 3 day’s time. We’ll release you at night, and you’ll immediately head to the demon castle, and you’ll tell everyone what happened. No matter what they do to you, you will keep your word, and you won’t tell a soul where I am, no matter what they do to you.”

The incubus nodded, as he knew these weren’t plans, his lord never gave him plans, they were always commands. “So how’s that old-goat of a servant of yours doing?”

Cecil nodded at “I am doing just fine, thank you.”

“You’re terrible at making entrances.”

“Why thank you for that.”

“Lord Sai, Sara would like some time alone, after that nasty experience.” He then looked at Rafael. “What shall we do with him?”

“We will leave him here for 3 whole days, and then I’ll let him go back to the castle.”

“Lord Sai, he’ll tell everyone about this castle! This vacation will end in tons of demons dragging you to the castle!”

“No worries Cecil. I will never tell anyone, not on my soul.”

“How can I trust you?”

“I cannot go against my lord’s commands; you do know that, right?”

Cecil chuckled. “So, how goes being the substitute ruler for the demon kingdom?”

“It’s terrible! I ran out of the castle about a week ago, because I can’t take all of these people!”

“How did you find us anyway?”

“I was around this town, around 10 years ago, and I returned to the castle the day before you left. I walked around the village, and there were some beautiful girls, I can tell you that. But, the most fascinating thing in the town that I saw was this castle.

“It’s great to be out of that hell hole!” Rafael stretched his arms, and strolled through town. The teenage girls kept gawking at him, and some were even offering their own souls just to be with him!

He shooed them aside, and left town, to find an old demon castle of all sorts! He kicked it, and sighed. That was one heck of a barrier. He thought to himself, Why was it here anyway? He’d have to ask Sai about this sooner or later, although he probably knew about it.

Rafael now heard crying, the sound of a newly born baby. He sighed, and kicked the corpse, and held the girl in his hands. He couldn’t take her back to town; the town would easily suspect him as a murderer of his wife, or something of that sort! He’d just have to take her into the castle’s care.

How did such a thing survive for this long anyway? Since I don’t have food, I’ll just cast a spell to make her strong; willpower wise. He looked into his bag, and picked out a dusty spell-book. Demons didn’t use their spells all that often, except for magicians, which were always the exception.

Rafael waited until she slept, and walked away; the way to the demon kingdom.

I should have killed her when I first saw her.

“So we don’t know how long she was there, or her mother’s name. “

“That spell should have lasted a day, so she was close to the brink of death when you found her.”

“ I don’t think the mother lived in town then. She was probably from another town.”

Sai looked at Cecil, as he had been researching this for years, but no matter what the both of them did, there was always a dead end in this case. “How do you think she was killed?”

Cecil stated the results of his research, “She was probably suspected of being a demon of some sort, and tried to gain salvation. The most valid conclusion was that she died of starvation.”

“Then how did her body decay so fast?”

“She had to know magic of some sort.”

Sai sighed, as this discussion was really getting no-where. “So she was a demon?”

Cecil went and stated the obvious. “Impossible. Demons and humans can’t breed, so there should be no way.”

Rafael looked confused. “Then how could a human know magic?”

“Contracts. That’s the only way. I’ll research the recent made contracts in the castle when I get out of this prison.”

“Anyways, lord Sai, I think it’s time you go comfort lady Sara.”

“I best take my leave to comfort my daughter. I will never forgive you for what you’ve done for her, but I will give no such punishment, as of yet. Think about what you’ve done.” Sai walked out of there as fast as he could to comfort his daughter.
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