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Quick Struggle Episode 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Avery: Do Samus vs. Someone! Max: Do Master Chief vs. Someone!
GO! Samus and Chief charged up their guns before firing, but Samus's hurt more. Samus rolled away in her screwball, while Master Chief was hurt by the left by bombs. Samus saw this as an opportunity, and she charged up her blaster. She put near Chief's head, who was now sweating. He turned around, but he then stabbed Samus's armor. Samus growled, then blasted her ice ray, freezing him. Samus left a couple of bombs, while Chief perished in the bombs. KO!

Little Mac punched DK, who smashed his fist on Mac's head. DK performed a spin, causing Mac to be pushed out of the way, then served a charged up super punch to DK's head. DK stumbled back, then smashed Mac into the ground. Mac struggled to get up, while DK laughed. DK beat his chest in victory, while Mac growled. Mac then got very, well, big, and his hair was wild. Monster Mac. Mac smashed his fists into DK's body, who grunted in pain. DK jumped out of the way, and his body become golden. After a golden light, DK now had white fur and a blue tie. DK was now Strong Kong, the strongest animal on the universe. If Knuckles was killed by this, than now doubt Mac would perish to. DK charged up his fist as Mac came, but DK's Moon Punch was right on time, and he slammed it into Mac's face. Mac stumbled back, and his Monster form went away. Super Kong smashed another Moon Fist, and Mac's head was sent right off his neck. KO!

Mario kicked Pacman in the guts. Pac ran away, then launched a barrage of pellets, but Mario shrugged it off. Pac then decided to use an old trick. Pac became large, and his body became pixelated. Power Pac chewed on Mario, who, in the inside of Pac, was screaming in pain, until his hand was surrounded in flames. He blasted Pac's insides until Pac was burned. KO!
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