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Purity: Grace

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan (Part 3 of 4) Purity, a young trainer, happens to run into trouble capturing a Kirlia...
"Flare, go!" Purity shouted. It was a stand-off battle between Purity, the trainer, Flare, a Vulpix, and a wild Kirlia.
The Kirlia quickly reacted, teleporting to the side when a quick Ember was shot from Flare. Purity frowned. "I was sure I had ya!" She pouted.
Flare bounced back from disappointment, and attacked head-on with Body Slam. The Kirlia had no time to react, and was slammed into, paralyzing it.
"Alright, Flare! Let's catch her!" As Purity threw the great ball, it suddenly shattered into bits from an Energy Ball.
"Drats!" Cried Purity. Then, a green haired humanoid Pokemon teleported in the middle of the three. It was a Gardevoir! Purity frowned.
"Hey lady-mon! I was trying to catch this Kirlia! If you'd move, that would be great." Purity tried to move around the Gardevoir, but failed.
The Pokemon frowned, then looked at Purity. Gardevoir gazed at her, then teleported away.
"Finally!" Purity sighed. She threw another great ball, and succeeded. She stared at the ball the new Kirlia was contained in, then said,"Grace. Just as graceful as that Gardevoir."
  1. voidaquariums
    "Hey lady-mon!" That line I will always remember.
    Jul 4, 2014
  2. AshCatch'Em
    Cool! 'Hey lady-mon! I was trying to catch this Kirlia! If you'd move, that would be great.'
    :p so funny. Go, Jolteon! <.>
    Jun 8, 2014
  3. Skyy-chan
    *Spazzes* this turned out better then expected! *randomly shoots a random Kyubey, then a QB comes and eats the dead Kyubey.*
    Jun 2, 2014