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Silly One-shots: Priscilla Shops for a Bra

by Shiny Pyxis

Shiny Pyxis From some random chatting we did. Credit to Stel for the name of the protagonist, and everyone else for the... idea, I guess.
Priscilla was a great Stunfisk. In fact, she was the most popular Stunfisk in all of Unova, known by all and regarded by even the Elite 4 as a thing to behold. She was as large as a Primeape, had the most elegant of fins and the most plump, beautiful lips anyone had ever seen. Yes, she was truly a sight to see, with the way her eyes blankly stared into space whenever people complimented on her gorgeous aspects.

The Queen of Stunfisk, as she was known to everyone, was allowed to traverse through the region without a human, and enter stores without question. One day, she happened upon a mall on Route 9, where several of these humans were going in and out. She was curious, having never seen so many people entering or leaving a building at once, and so she also went in, slithering forward on her belly and shocking away anyone who dared get in her way. Of course, everyone was very kind once they realized who it was, and a path opened up for her to approach the entrance easily.

Once inside, she was amazed by the sheer number of humans and Pokemon walking about. There were many of these so-called teenage humans bustling about, talking to their friends. Many of them refused to bow to her as they walked past, so she sent a Thundershock to their necks. Understanding, the lot of them turned around and bent their backs, pleading forgiveness. Such ignorant things! One of them even dared to battle her, but she just spit a wad of mud at its face. The kid ran off, crying about how dirty and ugly she looked now. Really, mud was good for the skin. Why were these teenage humans so uneducated?

A few minutes of this nonsense finally drove Priscilla enough to start emitting sparks in annoyance, and security was finally called to shoo everyone away from her, most likely to give her more room. Satisfied, the Stunfisk slid into the closest shop, not quite knowing what to expect.

She certainly did not expect to see images of almost-naked female humans adorning the walls; the only other humans in the store were also female, though these were more clothed than their two-dimensional counterparts. Looking around, Priscilla saw only pieces of fabric that had pretty much the same basic shape of two somewhat-spherical parts with what looked like tails going around. Some weren’t as round as others, and some had smaller tails, but all had the same pattern. What were these things supposed to be for? Then, one of the taller females in the room approached her. “Hello, ma’am,” the human said with a smile, “would you like to try on a bra?”

So these things were called bras? It was an odd name, but seeing all the pictures on the wall, Priscilla decided that it probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea. She nodded, and the two of them began exploring the shelves and racks for a “bra” that both fit her and was stylish enough for a queen.

Blue, yellow, brown, wire, no wire, sports bra, minimizing, padded… almost everything they tried was very unsatisfactory. Each time the human brought out a new bra, Priscilla would shake her head with increasing annoyance. Seriously, none of these worked with her body shape! They made her look too fat, or too pear-like, or too stupid. No, no, no!

“Well, I’m afraid that’s everything we have to offer you, ma’am,” the female human said with a sad sigh. Furious at this lesser being’s incompetence, Priscilla began emitting sparks from her fins when something behind the human caught her eye. She deflated back to her usual size and slithered forward, pointing at the object. “Oh, this?” began the human. “Nobody wanted it. Kept causing rashes and-“

Without waiting for the human to finish, Priscilla put the object on and looked at her reflection in the closest mirror. Yes, finally! This! This was definitely perfect; the feathers accentuated her beauty, the blue perfectly complimented the brown and yellow of her body, and the smell! The smell of Ducklett and Swanna, the best smell in the world. The Stunfisk fabulously did her best to twirl to show off just how magnificent the bra was. Even the human seemed happy that she finally found something that fit. “Will that be all then, ma’am?” she asked, and Priscilla nodded happily. She slithered out of the store and out of the building, glad she finally found something that was perfect for a perfect being like her.

The next day, the feathers had all fallen off due to heavy rain and wind, and Priscilla went back to the mall to make sure that human got the beating she deserved. Nobody ever, ever tricks the Queen of Stunfisk and gets away with it.
  1. Carmen Lopez
    Carmen Lopez
    You get a like just off the first sentence.

    *Goes to read the rest of it.
    May 22, 2014
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  2. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    Apr 15, 2014
  3. baratron
    Priscilla, Queen of the... Stunfisk?!

    Whatever did I miss?
    Apr 15, 2014
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  4. stephanie spots
    stephanie spots
    I'm not getting on her bad side. 0.0
    Apr 15, 2014