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Pokéworld Episode 2

by UndeadRaptor13

UndeadRaptor13 The 2nd part to the fanfic I'm writing. To be honest, I've already gotten the first 9 episodes completed, I'm just holding out on you guys.
Kevin groggily started to wake up. He half opened his eyes to blurrily see that he was outside in the daylight…moving. “Urg…wh-what’s…” Kevin stuttered, still only half conscious and groggy. “Oh!” Said a feminine voice. “He is starting to wake up.” Kevin looked around and saw that he was being carried by a Riolu. “What…who…” “Don’t worry, we’re friendly. I’m Amber.” The Riolu said. “I...I had…Josh….urg…where is the Eevee that was with me?” Amber stopped and turned to her left alittle. “Hey Ampharos…” Kevin turned to look to see who Amber was talking to. An Ampharos was carrying Josh and following Amber. Josh was still sound asleep. Ampharos nodded at them and Amber turned and continued walking down the forest path they were going down. Kevin’s stomach growled. “Hungry huh?” Amber smiled down at him. “I haven’t eaten a single berry for days.” He replied. “Don’t worry, we’re taking you and your friend to a Pokémon ranch. The breeders there are taking in and feeding wild Pokémon that don’t have their own homes. So…do you have a name, or is it just Zorua?” Amber asked him “My name? It’s Kevin, my name is Kevin.” “Well Kevin, it’s nice to meet you. You know, we didn’t know what to think of you and your friend when we first came upon you in that old abandoned house. Ampharos thought you guys lived in that place, but I figured you guys just ducked in there to get out of the cold and have a place to sleep for the night.” “Yeah, you got it. We were tired and we just came over the place. It seemed perfect for us, so we decided to go to sleep in there.” Kevin yawned. “Well, if you’re still tired, I’m still carrying you. We still have alittle ways to walk, so if you want to go back to sleep…” “No arguments here.” Kevin chuckled and closed his eyes. He was soon asleep again.

“Hey Kevin, c’mon! Betcha can’t catch me!” His friend laughed. “Oh, I’m gonna make you eat those words!” Kevin chased after him until he was able to tackle his Zorua friend. “Ha, you’re it!” Kevin shouted and began to run away. Kevin ran until he was cornered at a cliff edge. “Well…looks like you got m…” Suddenly there was a cracking sound and the cliff edge under Kevin and he slipped off and started to fall. Kevin screamed as he fell. He screamed all the way down, and just when he was about to hit the water…

Kevin woke up with a start. He sat up and looked around nervously. He was inside a barn, lying in Amber’s lap. He took a deep breath and lied back down. “It was just a bad dream” He thought to himself. He suddenly felt Amber’s paw on his back. “Are you ok, Kevin?” “Uhh, yeah, yeah…I’m fine…” He replied. “That’s not true and you know it, Kevin. I can read your aura. Something is bothering you.” “It was just a bad dream…” “What about?” “Well…I…” Kevin was reluctant to start. “Hey, it’s ok. It helps to talk about it. You can tell me.” Amber stroked his back. “Ok…well. I was born in the Unova region. I lived there with my parents until…I was playing one day with my friend and I got to close to a cliff edge…it gave way under me and I fell into a river. I almost drowned and I went into shock. If it weren’t for Drago and Dragonair…” Kevin started to cry. Amber continued to stroke his back. “Hey, it’s ok. I’m sure you’ll be able to find your way back and see your parents again.” She wiped the tears from his eyes. He nodded slowly and continued, “I stayed with Drago and Dragonair for a couple days to recover from the shock, and then I set off on my own until I got captured by this strange group of people yesterday. I thought I was finished, until Josh showed up out of nowhere and freed me from the cage they kept me in. We ran, ran until we couldn’t run anymore. We were exhausted, sleepy, and cold. We then came upon the old abandoned house and fell asleep in it. Now I’m here.” Kevin seemed to be more relaxed now. His stomach growled again and Amber held him and stood up. “Let’s get you something to eat before you starve.” She smiled “My legs work you know.” Kevin said. “Yeah, I do. I just prefer to carry you.” She replied.

Amber carried him out of the barn and to the house where the breeders lived. She carried him around back to a picnic area. There were about a dozen Pokémon sitting around the picnic area eating. Kevin looked around and saw Josh sitting at a table with Ampharos. Amber carried him to a couple of bowls on the ground filled with puffs and berries. She set him down and sat next to him. “Eat up.” She told him. Kevin immediately started eating the puffs and berries in his bowl. “Good?” She chuckled. He smiled and nodded, then continued eating with her. Soon after they finished, Josh came over. “Hey Kevin. It’s good to see you awake and moving about. I see you already made a friend.” He smiled. “Want to introduce us?” “Oh yeah, Josh this is Amber. Amber, this is Josh.” Kevin said and Josh and Amber exchanged nods. “So you two, how are you liking our little ranch?” Amber asked them. “It’s fantastic.” Josh said. “Yeah, it’s a lot better than that old abandoned house you found us in.” Kevin added on. Amber smiled, “Glad you like it.” Kevin looked at her, “Amber, are you a wild Pokémon staying here, or are you one of the breeder’s Pokémon?” “I’m wild. I just help the breeders around with the ranch. Like, for example, I go out and search for wild Pokémon in need of a home.” She smiled at them. “Like you guys.” Kevin blushed and looked away and Josh laughed. “Daw, someone’s in love.” He teased. “Shut up! I-I-I-I’m not!” Kevin was embarrassed and ran off. “Wow, he went as red as a flame. I didn’t expect to embarrass him that much.” Josh laughed. “He must REALLY like you.” “Yeah, I caught onto that when I first read his aura.” Amber replied. “I’m going to go find him.” Amber took a Sitrus berry and walked off, leaving Josh with the other Pokémon that were eating.

Amber walked around the ranch looking for Kevin, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. “Hmm…where did he go?” Meanwhile, Kevin was hiding in the forested area around the ranch. He sighed, “That was pretty bad…Thanks Josh…” Kevin was talking to himself. “I probably should just…” Kevin saw something coming out of the corner of his eye. “Who’s there?!?” He yelled. “Kevin, it’s me!” Kevin heard a voice familiar to him say. “Drago…?” Soon a Dratini approached him. “What are you doing here, Drago?” Kevin asked. “I’ve been following you. I didn’t want you to go off on your own, Kevin. It might be dangerous.” Drago replied. “Well, I did get captured by a crazy group of people who wanted to sell me because of my rare appearance.” “See, it IS dangerous out here, you should’ve stayed with us at the sea cave…” “Hey, don’t worry Drago, I’m not alone anymore. There is a Pokémon ranch nearby that we’ve recently found. The breeders there are taking in wild Pokémon that need a temporary home. A Riolu found me and my new friend sleeping in an abandoned house and carried us to the ranch.” “So why are you out here then, instead of at the ranch?” “Urm…I don’t wanna talk about it…” Drago looked at him curiously. “Uhh, here, I’ll take you to the ranch. Follow me.” Drago nodded and Kevin started to lead him towards the ranch.

Amber was still looking around the ranch for Kevin. She was searching around the outer fence when she saw him coming out of the forest with a Dratini. “Kevin!” She ran over to him. “Are you ok?” She asked him. Kevin blushed and looked away. “Uhh, y-yeah, I’m fine Amber.” Amber looked at Drago. “Would you excuse us for a minute?” Drago nodded. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll go wait by the fence.” He said and slithered off. “Kevin, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I know that you like me. It’s hard to hide emotions from me since I can read them in your aura. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. To tell you the truth, I kinda like you to.” She smiled at him and he blushed again. “I-I-I...” He couldn’t speak right. She patted his head. “It’s ok. So, who is your friend over there?” Kevin shook his head. “Oh urm, that’s Drago. He saved my life.” “Oh, he is the Dratini that saved you from drowning?” Kevin nodded. “Well, let’s not keep him waiting. Come on, or would you prefer me carry you again?” She smiled at him as he blushed yet again. She started walking towards Drago and Kevin followed her. Amber walked up to Drago, “Hi, I’m Amber. Kevin already told me your name and how you saved him. You’re a hero you know.” Drago seemed to beam with pride. “A hero huh…yeah…I’m a hero…” He smiled. “Well, you’re welcome to stay with us at the ranch if you want.” Amber told him. “Yeah, I’ve been following Kevin, I didn’t want him to be in any more danger so he is the reason I’m here.” “Drago, I’m fine.” Kevin laughed. “I’ve already got two new friends looking out for me.” Amber smiled and led them back to the ranch’s picnic area.

When they got to the picnic area, they saw 2 breeders bathing the Pokémon in big buckets. “Oh, is it already washing time?” Amber said. “I didn’t realize what time it was.” “They’ll wash us?” Kevin asked. “That’s really nice of them.” “Yeah, these breeders are really nice.” Amber told them. “Look. Your friend, Josh, is getting washed right now.” Amber pointed to one of the breeders washing Josh carefully. Josh seemed to be enjoying it. “He looks happy.” Kevin said. “Yeah, it feels nice when they wash you. They like to make you comfortable while they clean you. The water is warm and the brushes they use are great.” Amber informed him. “Come on, they already got most of the other Pokémon washed. It’ll be our turn soon.” She looked at Drago. “You can to, if you want.” He nodded. “Sounds nice. I’ll do it. I need to shine my scales anyways.” Amber walked them over to the breeders. “Ahh, Amber. You haven’t got your bath yet either have you?” The breeder said. “Well, I’m ready if you are.” She nodded and sat in the bucket. The breeder proceeded to wash her with his brush. He scrubbed her back, paws, and feet as Kevin watched. “Hey shiny guy.” Kevin looked at where the voice came from. It was a breeder. “How about we get your shine back?” He patted the bucket. Kevin smiled lightly and got into the bucket. He immediately felt the warmth of the water against his fur. When the breeder started to scrub him with the brush, it felt amazing. Once he was done, Kevin was literally sparkling. He stepped out of the bucket just as Drago finished his bath. “Welp, looks like that’s all the Pokémon washed. Let’s go.” The breeders emptied the buckets and took them inside the house. “Wow…I feel great…I look great.” Kevin smiled. “Glad to see you liked it.” Amber said to him, smiling. Josh walked over to them. He was as sparkling shiny as Kevin was. “Hey.” He said. “That was great, wasn’t it? I haven’t felt this good in a while.” “Yeah it was. I’m so glad you brought us here, Amber.” Kevin said. “Aww, don’t mention it. I’m glad I found you in the first place.” She smiled at him. He blushed again and Josh giggled. Amber yawned. “It’s getting late. Maybe we should hit the hay in the barn. Come on.” She picked Kevin up and he smiled at her. She carried him into the barn, sat down against the wall in one of the stalls, and lied Kevin in her lap. Josh and Drago got their own stalls and went to sleep. “Sweet dreams…” Kevin heard Amber say as he began to drift off to sleep.
  1. AzureEdge
    A lot of people are introduced in this chapter~!
    I can't wait to see more! You better post it sooner or later~!
    Nov 7, 2014