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Pokemon Yellow Edition Part 1: Why Blue why?!

by Nico GoaGoa

Nico GoaGoa pokemon yellow edition part 1 why blue why
Once upon a time, a little 10 year old boy waked up, without knowing that this day would be the best day of his life, a day he would never forget, a day he would remember forever and which will burn so deep in his head, that there wasn't any Burn Heal that could help. He was leaving his room (already having his clothes on cause he can sleep 5 minutes longer then) and turned to the kitchen/living room where his mum already was waiting for him. She said: "Oh boy, you're late, Prof. Oak is waiting for you in the Lab! Better move there fast!". Without thinking what he will get, what to expect, he was leaving the house and entering the Lab. But Prof. Oak wasn't there, just a little boy waiting for him too. After talking some sentences with him, he found out that this guy is Gary - he seems to be a nice guy first, but he was nervous, didn't really was patient. After 10 minutes of waiting and trashtalking by Gary he decided to leave the lab again and checking out where Prof. Oak was...as he already expected he wasn't in the town anymore. By an "accident" he walked into tall grass and he can be lucky - Oak just joined him telling that this is to dangerous, but it was too late. A wild Pikachu appeared, Ash (Red) was really scared at the beginning but Prof. Oak cleared the situation by catching the Pikachu. Ash was impressed, without saying anything he followed Oak to the lab, he was so fascinated that he couldn't say anything. Back in the lab Prof. Oak started to talk seriously. He talked so seriously and so much that both - Ash and Gary, weren't able to follow him, everything they understanded was "You will get one of my Pokemon". Both boys looking to the table were just 1 Pokeball was laying on...Oak says that Ash should take it but then Gary just snapped it away right in front of Ash's face. This was making him sad and Prof. Oak really angry, but he still had one Pokemon which he could give to Ash - the Pikachu he just catched. Ash was happy about finally having his own Pokemon too. He wanted to leave to show it EVERYONE in Kanto. But Gary wouldn't let him go without a fight, Oak didn't really stopped them because he wanted to see what happend. After a long fight between an Evoli and an Pikachu, Ash turns out as the winner of his first Pokemon Battle, he directly run out to train his Pikachu, that was the begin of a BIG friendship, but also of a BIG rivalry....