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Pokemon XZ And YZ Part 3:A Burning Love 1 of 2

by AlexNinjaDX

AlexNinjaDX Alex is finally in Lumiose City So he can meet Sycamore but meets someone else....
"Geez that was a long ride huh guys?" Alex Asked."Froakie " "Fletchinder". Alex is now in Lumiose City or what they call now "Gang City".The City is full of gangs now over the years that have passed." Let's See what should we do kinnies and Bebe?" A Girl Said."How about we eat in a restaurant? Or See Prism Tower?" She said.Then she saw Alex."Or Steal from that cute trainer?" "Fennekin!" It yelped.*Giggles* OK kinnies."What should we do first huh guys?" Alex wondered."Hello you cute trainer!" A voice said."Huh" Alex questioned."Won't you help me?" The girl asked "With What?" Alex asks."A thief stole my Chesto Berry Bag From Me" she said
"No problem lady!" Alex said."Thank You" She Said.Then Alex went to find the their,But what he didn't know was that the girl stole $500 from him!
30 minutes later
"For the last time I didn't steal Chesto Berry s" the punk kid said."Humph" said Alex." I only stole Oran Berry's."That Girl Owes Me an Explanation " Alex Said.