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Pokemon Violet X: Pokemon Violet X - INTRODUCTION -

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Hello! It's been a year since I was last here on PokeCharms, and I make my return with a series called Pokémon Violet X. Yes, some other written works were unfinished or weren't made more which is my apology. Enjoy and give it a chance! Thanks, :) ~SwiftNintetalez
Hmm, this is quite pleasant indeed.. Oh! didn't see you there. My name is Lucian, you know from the elite four of Sinnoh? Yup! But let's get to the point here. What if I told you that there was a hidden region, called Tenma. Where there are many places to visit, lots of Pokémon to see, and new gyms. In Tenma, there are 12 gyms instead of 8, there are ways to train even more, one way is using a system there called the PokePlex. Ahem, you may be wondering on why I'm telling you this information, it's because you will find out about a 13 year old boy from Arkwell Town in Tenma who will be the amazing hero, but not yet. His name is Nemus. He is a boy who grew up living with his mom and dad back in an old town in Tenma called, Oceane City, but now is called, Oceanview City. They all now live in Arkwell Town safe and sound, but not for long. There has been an evil organization in Tenma for many years named, Shadows Of Delta! Who are always hidden from the public and plan attack anywhere which out anyone knowing. There have been incidents in the past like the windmill disaster in Clorashore City, and the Miltank Abduction in Milkyview City. But the biggest and most dangerous incident was the bomb attack that was targeted at the biggest city in Tenma called, Vibrus City, located west on the Tenma map. Of course, it was stopped by the Elite Four and Champion with all their ace Pokémon's powers combined which sent the exploding bomb in the Serent Wastelands. Nemus, will soon know the dangers of the real world and the troubles that come with it! Will Nemus save the region and be the master? Or will he fail to achieve his life long purpose to be a true Pokémon master.. That's all I really have to say, thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.

- Stamp was an Espeon -
- Date Sent, April 9th 2015 -
- From, Elite Four Lucian -

Sincerely, Lucian and the Sinnoh Pokémon League.
  1. Shauna23
    Sounds so interesting! Can't wait for more chapters!
    May 29, 2015