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Pokémon Turquoise: Pokémon Turquoise [Chapter 2: Danger in Dark Cave]

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young
Dayton had began his journey to beat Falkner the first gym leader of the Johto region. Along without Abrel, his Cyndoquil, he was certain to win.
He entered Dark Cave, a cave so dark it was nearly impossible to see your own hand in front of your face, but Abrel's fire lit the way. Dayton heard of a string Pokémon that lived in Dark Cave, and wanted it to be his second Pokémon.
"Turn back" said a familiar voice. It was Jasmin! "Dayton, there is a Hurd of Zubat's coming, RUUUUUUN" she said in horror. She ran past Dayton, and when Dayton turned around, there they were, a billion Zubat's flying at Dayton's face. Him, and Abrel ran for there lives. He managed to loose them after a few corners in the Cave. Now Dayton was completelly lost in there. He tried walking back the way he came, but couldn't find a exit. He found stairs, and walked down them. There were torches lit, and a wall with strange figures almost in the shape of letters on it. It read "Arceus", but Dayton had never heard of that Pokémon before. He looked around, and saw nothing in the room, so he walked back up the stairs looking for the exit. He finally found a light, and was freed from the cave.
Since there was no special Pokémon in the cave, Dayton caught a Pidgy, but it was no ordinary Pidgy, it was a shiny.