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Pokémon trainer Isabelle

by SarahtheEmolga

2014-05-01 17.11.52.jpg
SarahtheEmolga Isabelle (Japanese: イザベル Izaberu) is Dawn's cousin from the Sinnoh region, making her first appearance in "The Girl from the Sinnoh Region!" (part of a series of fanfics I'm writing based off the XY anime)

That's where Ash/Satoshi finds out that Isabelle knew Dawn :3

Age: 10/11

Hair color: Navy blue

Eye color: Blue

Voice actor (English): Tara Strong

Voice actor (Japanese): Minami Takayama

Appearance: Isabelle is a young girl from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. She has navy blue hair much like Dawn’s, blue eyes and wears an outfit made up of a white top with a black collar, a red jacket, a black skirt and black boots with pink laces and black socks. She also wears a pink and white cap with a Poké Ball motif.

She is voiced by Tara Strong in the English dub and Minami Takayama in the original Japanese version.

Her companion Pokémon is a Piplup.
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