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Pokemon Super Rising Thunder: Chapter Two: Revenge tastes like a bag of Oran berries

by PokeMasterFrost

PokeMasterFrost I haven't wrote in a while.. Anyway, this is Chapter two of Super Rising Thunder. It took me a while because I wanted it to be longer than the first one. Let's summary what happened:
Hope and Faith have gotten an initiacion from the Elder and The Great Black One. They found out about the Flash-born and Faith went outside the Pikpik Grove to take some berries, but she was bad luck. The Sepearow killed her, leaving Hope to be thinking that it was her fault. Hope met Raikou, the lord of The Thunder. Moving on to Chapter Two.
Those Spearow. Where are they? First they insult me, then they kill my sister.. For the first time I feel this.. A strange feeling inside me.. " Craaaww! You steped on my claw!" I heard a voice. " Sorry these berries are too heavy!". Now I'm sure! Those are the Spearow I met. I need to find them! " Craaawwww!! Lady Freya will be so happy! These berries cost a fortune!". " Stop right there you birds!" I said. " Well, well well! Isn't it a rat we met earlier! Shoo, before you end up like your little friend!". " Stupid Pichu, so dumb! you can't beat us, Spearows! You are too weak!" That's it! They crossed the line! " You can't talk like that to me.." I said quietly. " What did you say?". " I said YOU can't talk to ME like THAT!!" " That's it rat! You asked for it!".
The Spearow came right at me. He wanted to peck me, but I am faster! " Well, well, the rat knows some tricks, but you ain't gonna fool me!" That Spearow is on my last nerve! I feel something in my stomach. Arround my body there is a force. And in my cheeks. " Pii-CHUUU" I came at the Spearow that was surprised and hit it! The electricity stoped when I hit it. " Craaawww." it said quietly. " Huh, rat! You can battle!" said the other Spearow, '' I would fight you, but someone needs to give Lady Freya the berries!" Then he flew away.
The Spearow dropped some berries in the rush. I have to take it to The Great Black One. Faith died for those.. Untill I got to the Pikpik Grove, I saw a Drowzee in atrap. " Help, help! Somebody help me! The Flash-born will kill me!" I had to help him! After all, Raikou didn't say I was a hero for nothing! " I'll help you!" I said to the Drowzee. " Well, any help is a good help!" It said. I saw some Flash-born. Those were a Poliwag and a Pidgey. " They won't be a biggy" I said. I used The Force again and One hit K.O. both of them! " Woah, you are some Pichu!" said the Drowzee. " Well, it was a plesure to help you." I said to him.
" I wanted to say, you are not an ordinary Pichu! That was some power you have shown! My name is Illusion, but call me Illy!" he said. '' I am Hope, but call me.. well, Hope!" I said.
I got to the Pikpik Grove, to the tree that The Great Black One is. I gave It the berries.
" What are you doing here, Hope?" said George. " Don't you know that it is forbidden?"
" I just gave the berries to The Great Black One.." I started. " Where did you get them? Don't tell me you went out of the Pikpik Grove?". " Well..". " Hope! You could've been killed by the Flash-born! And where is Faith?". " She was killed by some Spearow..". " Flash-born?". " No they talked." " They broke a law? They killed for fun?" " Yes. I spent a night there and.." " WHAT!? The Flash-born would kill you! How do I know you are telling the truth?" " I think I was proteced by The Lord of Thunder." " You are lying! Prove it!" I gattered strenght and showed the pover of The Force. The tree shaked. " Hope! This is some power! I believe you! What did the Lord of The Thunder say?'' " That I am the chosen one, to save the world of the Flash-born." " Hope, you have to got to to the North. Now everything makes perfect sence.." " What do you mean, George?'' " the legend says: '' When Pokemon brake three rules, the North Pokemon will not sleep anymore. When a Pokemon that has the power to beat Flash-born comes half way to the North the Pokemon will open one eye. When the Pokemon comes close to the North, the Pokemon will open the other eye, and it will help it to beat the Flash-born".. Hope, I think that is you.. Now go, don't say goodbye to anyone just go! Go!" " I will George, and I will help the Pikpik Forest beat the Flash-born!" I ran outside the Pikpik grove and realised what I've one. I've started a war that only I can stop. A war where the Flash-born and the sitizens of Pikpik Forest battle each other..
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