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Pokemon Super Rising Thunder: Chapter One: Those rotten Spearows!

by PokeMasterFrost

PokeMasterFrost Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.. It is a hacked game!! The begining of the story is simmilar, but its is based of the game! It will have different characters, dough.. So the story will be a bit dark..
And I am not a good speller, so if I have something wrong, post it and I'll fix it!
"Hope! Hope, wake up!!!"."What is it Faith?!" I said. "It is the time to meet the Great Black One!" Hope said while jumping on my tile of grass. "Ok, ok, don't get so hiped up! We'll be there!" I said to her. She was so excited to finaly see who the Great Black One is.. The Elder said that we are a blessing of the Great Black One, because we are the only Pichus that hatched this season.. "Come on Hope!!"." I'm coming, I'm coming!'' Oh Faith.. Always so jollysh.
"Come on Hope, Faith is waiting for you!" said Mom, "You don't want to be late!" said Dad, "This is importaint!". I went outside to see where Faith is.. Oh, that Raichu is really big! "Excuse me, Mr. Raichu.. umm.. umm.." "Where is the elder Raichu?" said Faith. Yep that's my sis.. Always gets me out of trouble, but she is getting in more picklle than I do. "It is the tree next to the exit.. Not far away.." said the Raichu. "Ok we'll be going now! Thank you!".
"Faith, are you sure this is where the Elder is?" , "I thought that the tree is bigger.." "Hope, you are soooo hillarious! If it isn't, we will find it once!" Luckly it was the Elders house, so we came to see the ceremony.. " I can't see anything from all the Pikachus and Raichus!!" Faith said. "Shhhh" I said, "It will begin now!"
I couldn't see it either, but, oh well.. I'll hear it.. " You all know" begined the Elder ''That this season all we had were rotten eggs". Is that how you say it? "And then, Maia and Joshua got five eggs, but only three were rotten!". I had siblings? "Those two eggs were Hope and Faith, thats how we named them!". "But they aren't safe now, oh no! The brainless Flash-born are still out there, trying to steal all of our food!". " So we have to give half to Hope and Faith, and a third to an older citizen! The rest goes to the Great Black One!''. I finally got a peak at the Great Black One. It was black ( what a surprise) with a silver thing in the middle.
"You hear that Hope?" said Faith, "We have a little of food! If the Flash-born are so brainless, then we can steal food from them, too!". "Faith I don't think taht's a good idea.." "Oh.. Hope they are stupid if they are brainless! I'll wait for you on the edge!" Oh Faith! Always wants trouble..
I found her on the edge, just as she said. "Hope are you coming?". "Well, Ok!", I had to watch out for her.. But I am a little scared..
"Come Hope! I can smell the berries from here!" she said. "Wait Faith!!" I tried to warn her.. "Faith! Faith, where are you?" I finally saw her.. With a flock of Spearows!! " What are you trying to do?" Faith asked. "Just don't make it any harder! This is lady Freyas wood! No one can disturb it!!" said one Spearow. "Don't hurt her!" I said. "Well, whatcha gonna do? Huh?'' said the other Spearow. "Well, I.. I"."Don't disturb! We'll deal with you later!" I got gusted away.
"Faith? Faith!" I tried calling her.. Nothing.. I ran through all the wood, and I smelled something horrible.. "Faith!" I said shocked. Se was.. she was.. dead! "Faith? Faith, don't go! Faith.." The last thing I remember is what I dreamed..
"Wellcome!" said a voice. "Who..who are you?" I asked. "Don't worry, I am the Lord of Thunder, Raikou." "So, Mr. Raikou, why am I here?'' "You, youngling, are the chosen one.." "No I'm not! I let my sister die because of me being scared! Is that hero-like?" "Well, Hope you can't blame yourself foer what happened to Faith.. That was her destiny, and cannot be changed.. but I am here for you. Hope, get ready, you will be the one that will beat the Flash-born, once and for all!"
At that moment I woke up. I was in a pond of Faiths blood.. She can't be dead.. Not my sister! I will find those Flash-born, and the Spearow, and revenge my sisters death! Whoever that Raikou is, I will prove him that I am worthy of my duty that he gave me!
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