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Pokemon Special: New Gen Chapter 3

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Team Aqua is sighted in Sinnoh, breaking Charon out of jail. It's up to Dia, Pearl, Dya and Garnet to save the day!
"And that's the story!" Diamond finished. He was telling Pearl and the others about the kids, and most of them, other then Calem and N, were shocked. "That's not scientifically possible!" Trevor shouted. "THAT'S CRAZY! DIA, ARE YOU DELUSIONAL, OR SOMETHIN'!" Hugh yelled, very loudly. His best friend Nate plugged his ears. "Well, I guess we better keep an eye out for Team Aqua and Team Magma." Pearl declared. The others nodded. Suddenly, the news said something interesting. "Team Aqua has been seen in Jubilife City! Could this be another evil scheme?!?" The news announcer yelled. Diamond and Pearl got ready to go to when..."On other news, Catch the Saturday Night Football Game tonight!" The group face faulted. Later on Pearl's Starler.... "Let's go Starler!" Pearl told his Staraptor. The large bird pokemon flew faster. "Pearl, are you sure it's a good idea to bring Dya and Garnet with us?" Diamond asked, worriedly. "Don't worry, Mr. Berlitz! We'll be okay!" Garnet reassured. "Um, Garnet, my last name is Nintai." Diamond explained. (Nintai means patience in Japanese) "Oh.... Okay!" Garnet said. Diamond liked Garnet. He was nice, active, energetic and he seemed to be very brave. Diamond knew that Garnet was best friends with Dya, and knew of Dyana's liking to Garnet. Diamond and Platinum were very okay with that. They Trusted Garnet. Later in Sinnoh.... "Okay, Garnet, come with me. Dyana, go with your uncle, got it?" Diamond asked, having a plan. "Got it!" Garnet exclaimed. Dya and Pearl nodded. "Let's go!" The two groups went their ways. Garnet and Diamond were searching through the city when Diamond asked a question. "Garnet, do you like Dya?" Garnet blushed slightly, and nodded. "In a romantic way?" Garnet turned redder, but again nodded. "Great!" Diamond exclaimed. Garnet was confused, but shrugged it off. They then saw a Team Aqua Grunt sneaking out of an alley with an old man in a lab coat. "There they are! Go, Kit!" Diamond released his tounge pokemon, which went charging at the men with a tackle. "Go, Kipster!" Garnet said as he released his water pokemon. "Mud! Mudkip!" He yelped. "Water Gun! Then, Mud Slap!" The water pokemon sprayed a ray of water at the 2, then jumped into a nearby mud puddle, and created a mud ball, then blasted it at the evil duo. Soon, Pearl and Dya came by. "Chimler, Mach Punch!" Pearl commanded, his monkey pokemon hitting Charon's Slowking. "Laxy, Fling!" Dya's Munchlax picked up 4 nearby huge rocks, then flung them towards the evil ones. "We did it, Laxy!" Dya cheered. "Great Job!" Garnet congratulated. Dya smiled.

I hope I put enough SpeedBallShipping in there. Blue Fox out!
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Sorry for the short chapter. Next will be much longer. Also, comment, and if you could, leave an OC! Read chapter 2 and 1, too!
    Sep 24, 2014