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Pokemon Showdown Stadium: Battle 2!

by nooblynob

nooblynob Team 3 vs Team 4 this time! who will win?
Congrats to our victor last battle, now lets decide the field for team 3 and team 4! *Sandslash pulls the lever to decide the field* They will be playing on the sand field! Char! Sealeo! Flyygon! Pika! Now that our contestants have gotten to say their hellos, lets start the battle! Charmeleon starts off with a Flamethrower on pikachu! Pikachu dodges and uses thunderbolt on Sealeo before he can use Ice beam on Flygon! Flygon uses earthquake! Its super effective on pikachu and charmeleon! Pikachu fainted! Charmeleon is at low HP now, that will be trouble! Sealeo uses Ice beam on Flygon and Flygon counters with Dragon breath! Flygon uses Dragon claw on Sealeo! Sealeo fainted! Now its just Charmeleon and Flygon! Flygon finishes with an earthquake- but while charmeleon is evolving! Charmeleon evolved into Charizard, and Earthquake doesn't effect Charizard! Charizard used Dragon claw! A critical hit! Flygon fainted! Team 3 won! Congrats to Sealeo and Charizard! Stay tuned for the next matchup, team 5 vs team 6! See you in the next match! Sandslash, signing off!
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